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>with the sound of muse

>goodbye budapest.

i woke up early, excited about moving on through to another city. the eurorail has so far been essentially painless. i yap with random people in line which leads to a seat companion. he was a weird austrain i tried vainly to discard. the train was long and cushy, with such openness as i’d hoped.

in canada, riding via rail is a route of the boring dynamited rock, cow plop, and dizzy trees. here, i am adoring all the sunflower fields the speckle the distance with curious bunnies. the rural homes, while still suburban, carry that classic design. the sun peek-a-booed here and there, while german tongues clacked behind me.

before i arrived in vienna, i had visions of the film “before sunrise” playing dog-tricks on my hopes. it was the hope that such a city could infuse me with such passion.

but as i exited wien westbanhof station, the cold rain insulted my ego. cold like a toronto april.

fuck that, i want to explore.

my hostel was once a bordello (it’s painted a brash violet, no less), and while the staff are sweet, the hostellers are strangers in strange mind-lands, not like the sweet friendships of convenience i experienced in budapest.

i walk down mariahilferstraße, the strip of western shops that feels like a front street/yorkville cross. the colours of vienna are striking. vibrant blues for bike racks, sunrise oranges for metro stops, harmony-yellows for street lights, while the frescoes, baroque facades, and neoclassic statues line up like antiquated soldiers for the pigeons to kiss.

i take detours where my feet point me down paths my common sense scoffs at.

i end up climbing on benches at the museumplaty and kuntshauswien, then stepping over crisp grass at the burggarten, stopping to stare at the albetina museum, and getting lost somewhere not even close to stephansdom, where i was heading for in the first place.

the cold toronto-april wind does not let up, and the cemetary vienna becomes on sunday nights suddenly hits me. i am hungry, and no where to eat.

my money is a joke, and i am pinching like a stubborn kid. tomorrow i will splurge on an audio-tour of vienna (for €13,5, you get a cellphone-esque device with headphones that audio-guides you through the city for 5 hours). my stubborn thighs are intrigued.

north-american-envy seems to be everywhere here. but my north-american eyes are inspired by this aching city.

indeed, froulein maria. indeed.

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