"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>photo blog #2

>christine’s mediterranean extravaganza: the second stop, august 7-10, 2005


in front of the kuntshalle wien museum (yes, “kunts” is german for “art”), the higly stylized pistachio-green benches attract sunbathers and tired tourist-bums alike. i just liked the little kid in the centre, his feet dangling off the bench like a swing set.

i dunno. when you walk through a platz and the sumptuously ornate 17th century architecture stares you in the face at 7am with a blessèd fountain, you gotta raise two fingers in some sort of triumph.

yes, my “before sunrise” obsession found it’s way onto film. to the right, you can see the europafunk shop featured in that film. to the left, the sunset light hitting the dome of some cathedral i never made my way to. this was mere seconds from my hostel, Westend City Hostel, the former bordello.

before dawn, i walked through the streets of vienna, and paused to take a morning photo in front of an altar. the altar is gauzed in darkness, so enjoy my morning glory (that’s the story).

i stood on the before sunrise bridge that overlooks the train/water, and . . . okay, i really need to hide that dvd.

you look up, you see a meaning-potent sign on the side of the haus des meres, you snap a picture, you keep going.

the gothic stephansdom, the antiquated cobblestones, the horse drawn carriages . . . look closely at this photo and tell me if you can see the 21st century anywhere.

i guess i got a thing for goth. stephansdom-love-come.

after i snapped this shot of the lush artistry on the dome roof of st. peter’s church, i had to run. why? because the priest started chasing me.

say it with me now,


after aimlessly strolling the graben, i marvelled at the cafés lining kohlmarkt that led directly to michaelerplatz, the hofburg palace. this photo was snapped mere seconds before my first encounter with gizmo. take note of the grey sky.

after meeting gizmo, i walked through the palace grounds with an incureable smile. take note of the suddenly dazzling blue sky.

sometimes, when you feel overwhelmed by neoclassical architecture, you put your hand up and say, “stop.”

these two slabs were erected in albertinaplatz to commemorate holocaust victims. twisted, atrophied bodies struggle through the concrete. a dark shadow sat in between them, so i walked around . . .

. . . and found this. during the holocaust, jews were forced to clean the stones of the streets with tiny brushes, while passerbys spit and swore at them. the sculptor enshrouded this body with barbed wire, and someone days before my arrival had placed 2 white roses on top. they were dying. so i reached out and touched his hand.

gizmo and i at the buddha club. look into my eyes, and you will read my thoughts.

“au revoir.”

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