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>photo blog #5

>christine’s mediterranean extravaganza: the fifth stop, august 20-23, 2005


on posh rue massena, i found a restaurant called “le quebec” and just hadda snap a photo.

although it was a bit rainy, castle hill dazzled people along the blue coast, while parasailers ballooned in the sky

this is what happenes in Nice when you watch too much tv.

nice used to belong to italy, so the dazzling italian colours, frescoes, and façades adorn every street in the riviera.

one morning, i awoke before the rest of the tanners, and made my way to the stoney shores of côte d’azur for some solitude.

when the midday sun hit the mediterranean, the vibrant colours exploded before me.

as i stepped into the surf, the stones crawled up my legs with bangs and thumps.

i climbed castle hill and looked down upon my kodak moment.

while the other tourists lumped around the panorama, i slinked through the trees of castle hill, until i found the christian and jewish cemeteries, quietly serene on the sunny side of the hill. this little girl died in 1887, and her tombstone was the most ornate piece of artistry i have ever seen.

no matter where you stood in this cemetery, you felt something quietly stirring in your gut.

maybe the beauty of the tombs, maybe the colours of the mountains, maybe the scent of the sunshine . . .

or maybe it was the deceased talking to you.

it didn’t matter.

it made you cry anyway.

descending the mountain was a stairwell of truncated sighs. you found “la semeuse” theatre, and wished it was open as the kids down the steps bounced a soccer ball.

on the eurail, zooming at the speed of sound, you nibbled your fingers and accidentally snapped a douchebag-photo.


2 responses

  1. >Beautiful pictures!!!!

    September 24, 2005 at 10:22 PM

  2. "Jet"

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

    September 24, 2005 at 10:22 PM

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