"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>the towers of london

>(that title is just for you, hotkiss)

yesterday, i did what i do best whilst in europe. i rode my velveeta tour buses with the ear-buds and british commentary.

it took me round big Ben, the houses of Parliament, London bridge (it ain’t fallin’ down, bitch!), Wesminster Abbey, the Tower of London. the London Eye, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Tate Modern . . . i plan actual visits to these places, i’m anxious to see the theatre museum, porobello market on saturday morning, and speaker’s corner (where the toronto version steals its idea from) on a sunday morning when everyone is on their soapbox. i wanna heckle.

i wanna see the tower of london where people like anne boelyn and lady jane grey lost their heads.

the commentary infused the tour with so much history – how the plague was mistaken as being carried by cats, not the rats, so the rat population spread with their only predators now incinerated. that, coupled with the strong summer, caused the infection and death of thousands. how the boat men on the Thames used to be required to be naval reserves. if they refused, they were imprisoned for 2 weeks and forbidden to row their boats for 1 year and 1 day. the river, until the 20th century, was the main transportation of all of london’s inhabitants.

the waves lapped up against the ancient shores, offering whispers of ages past.

how in the 11th century, william the conqueror builts the tower of london to rule and instill fear in the londoners. how london was founded by romans who called it Londinian!

how the marble arch used to be the site of public executions for 600 years. how wellington won the battle of waterloo in 1815. how newton and handel are emtombed in westminster abbey. how st. paul’s is where charles and di wed.

london is a monsoon of western history and culture, suffice it to say.

yesterday i saw Sam Sheppard’s play Fool for Love starring Juliette Lewis and Martin Henderson (“Darcy” in bride and prejudice) at the Apollo Theatre. i wasn’t moved beyond myself, this is what i expect from sheppard, really. and i didn’t really believe Henderson’s performance, but he is magnificient to look at. Lewis was rather good, but there was so much yelling, they never had a moment of stillness. the script felt repetitive, and the staging was really monotonous at times . . . i’ve seen juliette lewis on stage before (not theatre, but i reviewed her band juliette and the licks last year), so i wasn’t starstruck like many of sitting next to me.

after that, i ran off into the “etobicoke” part of town called Hackney to see a place called Anna In Love, about the madrid bombings last year. that was much better. it employed innovative and fire-infused applications of sound, film, lighting, stage design, and script format. it centered around the women affected by the tragedy, as opposed to the men who committed the crimes. it was short, and it had its flaws as well, but that is what theatre should be. all good theatre should be taken out of the proscenium arches.

guess what they have here – a Da Vinci Code walking tour.

i’m so there.

time to run off into the sunshine. no time for keyboards!


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