"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."


>”luxembourg sucks big round donkey balls,” said julia, my aussie hostel roommate last night, as we bar-hopped around the city and tried to get the luxi-hotties to brush up against us.

i concur, julia.

the men here aren’t biting. and i had such nipple-itis last night too. such a waste of perfectly good boobies.

i leave for amsterdam tomorrow. can’t wait to snort a line off a hooker’s thigh whilst high on ‘shrooms and chugging the amstel.

or something less retarded.

the sky here is too perfect, it makes me nervous. like bashing in your neighbours rose-bed just to destroy something beautiful. the overwhelming good mood of the tourists here makes me want to buy an ice cream cone just so i can ram it up their nostrils.

i’m enjoying this trip, i swear. i just need bigger cities, a greater metropolis-life to merge with my own.

i hope to find strange new objects in my netherlands.

(har har har.)

soon, photos of our bar-hopping-rage last night will be up on www.lounge.lu

scour my skin with a brillo pad, i’m too raw.


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