"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>photo blog #2 : brussels


july 10-13

i don’t know what i was thinking when i took this photo in my brussels hotel. my windows wide open, the boys down on the street played football and lapped up their pints. presumed innocent was on the tv. i felt like sinking into the over-starched pillow.

tour guides want you to see brussels like this. full of castles and palaces.

they show you ornate sculptures, flowing and lovely.

they insist everything is as sumptuous and lush as this parkette.

but i’m suspicious of anything too beautiful. i prefer running through the dark, haunted streets.

for some reason, the official symbol/mascot of brussels is a pissing boy. line ’em up, boys.

put the seat down.

i leaned up against this wall, pretending the fake branch was a shelter.

marching bands in silly costumes, i follow them around, overjoyed.

yeah, this is 17th century architecture, and it’s awe-inspiring and amazing.

you see one, you’ve seen them all.

breaking free from the past, suddenly brussels infected me with its present.

don’t walk alone in the narrow café streets. the waiters won’t let you pass. they grab your arms and block your path and try to get you to love them up.

but you elbow them in the guts and tell them to fuck their mothers.

cafés are for couples and post-middle-class families.

you’re not welcome at their tables.

i was raised in a town in quebec called st. laurent, so i just hadda take a photo of that sign.

the dark streets beckoned each morning. i wanted to run down them, never look back.

brussels, at a glance.

avoid it if you can.

it’s funny, revisiting these photos brings up all the wretched feelings i felt whilst wandering around brussels. it hurt to be there. was it too small, was it too lonely, or was it me?

i defend my MA thesis tomorrow. perhaps someone should tell my examining committee that i lost my sword and shield. all i’ve got anymore are defensive wounds.

i’ll be interviewing tamara faith berger sometime next week. so exciting, she’s one of my favourite authors. i used to get really nervous before an interview, but experience deadens the adrenaline.

but after this interview, i’m hoping for a stroke.

visited my ob-gyn this morning.

i really wish there was such a thing as a warm speculum.

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