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>photo blog #4: amsterdam


july 16-20, 2006

like venice, amsterdam has a series of canals weaving through the city. unlike venice, you don’t wanna touch that water.

dam square (that’s actually it’s name, but it’s also an excuse to swear), essentially the heart of amsterdam, where every street branches off from.

ahh, the red light district. this is as close as i could get in the district with my camera. photos are strictly forbidden, especially of the lovely ladies in the windows. if the bouncers catch you taking photos, your camera will either be smashed right in front of you, or it will be launched right into the nasty water.

again, the red light district is really where you wanna be. my hostel was located right in the heart of the TRANNY section of the red light district. the irony = my hostel was a CHRISTIAN youth hostel. that’s an effort in futility if i ever heard one.

no clue what that means, but signs like this littered the ancient buildings in the city.

i dunno. it’s just a nice shot.

it’s beautiful and empty at the same time.

me in dam square, early in the morning when there was no one around.
yeah, that’s a megalomanic shot. so what? i was on vacation.

just in case you forgot where you were, a local performance artist drilled this into the cobblestones, and no one really minded.

that’s a depiction of prostitutes getting whipped by self-appointed righteous women for lewd acts.

and just for good measure, here, the men are getting whipped.

whip it good.

see that slim red-brick building above the tree? that’s the SMALLEST house in amsterdam. it has the same height and depth as the surrounding houses, but it’s width is about 1 metre and a half, just long enough for me to lie down in.

feet over cobblestones. everywhere you walk.

the shadows of the ancient streets.

open your door, and the city inhales you.

dam square at night, the lights blur across your eyes.

look out your window, past the 21st century.

seriously, if anyone can point out something 21st-century-esque in this photo, i’d like to see it. i can’t even find any tv cables or telephone wires. amsterdam is so 1699.

that’s right, i partied with dj tiesto!

(or, uh, visited his wax figure at madame tussauds…)

no, seriously, pierce and i have been meaning to get together for a long time.

ah, shaddup.

the statue of anne frank, around the corner from her secret annexe, the hiding place of her family from the nazis for several years.

(photo courtesy of julia!)

i’ve been working like a fiend at my new job as a tour guide on those double decker buses that zoom tourists around the city. i enjoy it, it’s lots of fun and i’m always laughing.

but i find myself going to bed at night, staring up at the ceiling, and struggling.

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