"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>undefined, no signs of regret; your swollen pride assume respect


i just found out a few minutes ago that my short story entitled bolt is going to be published in the prestigous literary magazine Room Of One’s Own based in vancouver, bc!


it will be in issue #30.3, which two issues away. i’ll keep you updated when you can buy them in the shops or order them online.

(thank god, i neeeeeeed that paycheque)

funny thing about this story – it’s a fictionalized account of that affair i had last summer in eastern europe.

yes, it’s officially fiction.

i embellished.

but you’ll have to read it yourself and try to decipher which parts are absolutely true and which parts are pure imagination.

how funny that this news comes only one day after that story was carried over my shoulder across towns, hamlets, villages, and highways just so i could pass it on to the person it was written for . . . in the hands of a handsome father, waiting to be passed to a son . . . )

two years ago, i had fuck-all on my writing CV.


The Malahat Review
Matrix Magazine
Chart Magazine
Encyclopedia of Modern Drama
NOW Magazine
Canadian Theatre Review
Diaspora Dialogues’s anthology “ToK: Writing the New Toronto”
Cumulus Press’ anthology “Navigating Customs”

… and i’ve had two plays produced . . . one of them twice!

swollen pride, don’t swallow me whole.

i will not become a cocky fucker, i swear.

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