"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>but when the thermometre goes way up and weather is sizzling hot, mr pants-for-romance, a marine-for-his-queen, a G.I.-for-his-cutie-pie is NOT…

>…’cause it’s too, too, too darn hot.

ben and i went to see the play absolute beginners at the lyric hammersmith last night. although a bit unfocused, and an overabundance of undeveloped characters and relationships, i couldn’t help but love the performance because the creators of this piece know what constitutes good theatre – visual stimulation, innovative uses of stage design (reveals, trap doors, moving set pieces of stairs, ladders, windows, embedded TVs), amazing lighting concept and execution, and fast-paced blocking with plenty of colour and action to keep you delighted. i also loved how the post-war racial tensions between insecure white britons and terroised african brits is explored here, although not in detail, but in an evocative imagistic way that still effectvely gets the point across. i’d never read the original 1959 novel by colin macinnes, but it’s on the list.

okay, my delicious munchkin readers, i need your advice once again – i’ve just been told by my executive director at work that i wear too many colours, that i’m too fashion-orientated and that i should wear more “corporate” (ie white blouse, black skirt, non-personality or individuality-esque) clothes to work. any thoughts? sue once mentioned to me that i should do as i’m told but then top off the boring-courture with leopard-print-come-fuck-me-heels. think i can get away with it?

help! confronted once again by corporate restraint! need kick in the pants! (or a kick in the black-below-the-knee-pleated-shapeless-skirt).

i’m heading off to zadar, croatia this weekend.

try not to miss me too much.

dad just got home from portugal the other day and sent me more photos of our Faro extravaganza. enjoy:

awww, daddy so cute:)

edit: so i thought about it, and i think they’re right, i DO need to be more professional at work, i guess we all gotta make sacrifices in order to pay the bills. so on my lunch break, i did some retail-therapy. lots of black … but i couldn’t leave without buying Sue’s leopard-print-come-fuck-me-heels.

photos of me in those bad boys to come soon.

yay office decorum!


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