"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>the adventures of SugarBush in Edinburgh

>behold mere mortals! nothing can withstand the power of SugarBush! the all-female power combo of femme-fatales fighting any and every anti-orgasm agent they come across! come forth, open ye arms, and welcome….

Brown Sugar! (aluma)
Sweet n Low! (kat)
Frosty! (tanja)
Caramelized Sugar! (francelle)
and Sugar Cane! (yours truly)

as they attack the gorgeous town of Edinburgh with their luscious beauty, cunning wit, and wiley feminine ways!

speaking of women on top….check out this preliminary article that was printed in The Sun last week about a certain television show (ahem! AHEM!) that is to be aired later this year. note how much money the network is pumping into the show…IT’S GONNA BE HUGE.

still don’t have a scheduled airdate yet, spoke to the producers a few days ago and they’re still editing it….but i’ll keep you posted!

i have a weird relationship with one of my friends back in toronto. we love each other, we hate each other, but we haven’t stopped talking all these years. and just now on msn, he said this to me:

“christine…since i’ve met you you’ve been rude, crude, and sarcastic with me pretty much constantly. you’ve called me names, teased me about my nappy ass, made fun of my god and religion, etc. but yet i still talk to you. why do you think that is?”

i said, “god knows.”

he said, “because i know that deep down you’re a really good person. and i know that in some way, you actually care about me as a friend. and i know that underneath some of the sarcasm and bravado, is an innocent girl who just wants what everyone else wants… love, happiness, health, and the occasional orgasm…look how long it took for you to let ME in…after all the time we’ve known each other this is the first time i feel like you’ve been really open with me.”

i started crying. i tried to log off but he wouldn’t let me.

so i’m going to log off now.


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