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>brussel sprouts part deux: people know stuff

>two years ago when i was backpacking around europe, i got thrown out of a hostel in brussels. (you can read about it here ,scroll down to the end of the entry).

this past week, i tentatively walked into the same hostel with jeannine, and hoped to god he didn’t remember me.

he spent the entire time staring at my chest. nope, he didn’t remember!


i only spent 3 days in brussels two years ago, but it’s funny how walking through the streets, i remembered where everything was. jeannine and i would be walking around, and i’d suddenly be like, “there’s a mosaic on the other side of this wall,” and sure enough, there it would be. by instinct, i led us around to where the tourist attractions were, without a map.

usually, i don’t like revisiting a city i’ve already toured because i don’t want to sully my memory of it. i want my first impression of it to stay embedded in that dream world, mine and mine alone. no presend-day updates. but this trip was leaps and bounds beyond the last. we had such a giggle. and brussels is capsizing and heaving with life i never knew was there….this video i took of a morroccan block party is case-in-point:

wine and salads on sunlit patios. picnics in parks. children playing cache-cache. geriatric couples playing tonsil hockey. dutch movies. kicking loud families out of cinemas (they were fat and obnoxious anyway). practicing our french. walking and walking and walking. chatting about sex and girth. belgian french fries. recounting old memories (u-phill!). creating new ones (“people know stuff.”)

look how gorge she is.

if i were a lesbian, i’d totally do her

small streets, cafes, restos, signs and flags crawling up to the sky.

oh yeah, drugs. you gotta have drugs.

the french waiters bartered with us, each one promising us free wine and champagne. apparently, they told us it’s their job to hit on the ladies who walk by.

and let’s not forget our main reason for hitting brussels….PORTISHEAD!!!

they disbanded 10 years ago, so we thought we’d never get the chance to see them again….but there they were, blowing us away!

put your hands up for detroit.

aww, aren’t we just so sweaty and gross?

of course i took a few videos of their performance! this first one is of their amazing song Numb and the second down below is of my favourite song of their, Sour Times. yeah, the cameraworks is shoddy so what. can you hear me yelling in the first one at people to sit the fuck down inbetween singing my heart out?

red bull minis everywhere, so let’s all have a drink

that table is reserved for me and my future ex-husband.

i just turned my head, and there she was all pretty!

aww, bff!


our picnic in the park consisted of grapes, strawberries, boursin cheese, brie cheese, red win, praline chocolates, and french bread.

after shot.


i love this shot.

me hiding underneath the violets.

it’s sexy-sexy time. my wife is the third greatest prostitute in all of kazakhstan.

jeannine knuckle deep in snot.

me digging for gold.

thumbs up, bitches.

jeannine is ravenous.

but i have the i-want-to-suck-cock look on my face. (boys,take a mental note )

jeannine and i have been friends since 2002 and although we’re both evolving into these unknowable new beings, we’re still so alike, it’s eerie. she’s off backpacking through the rest of europe again, and i hope to meet up with her in either germany or france again. read her blog, it’s a fucking trip!

on the eurostar train down to brussels, and back to london, i kept looking at yellow fields of flowers and pastures of cows. distant towns and belgian farms. and i thought about all the times in my life i’ve seen the horizon blurred into one big mesh as i’ve traveled throughout continents. but after all those trips, and countless more to come, all i can think of is one particular bus ride to a hometown last summer. where things were new and changed, and never would be the same again.

this weekend, Lu’s new boy-toy Chris was DJ’ing at an event called SE1, a rave. and of course, i had to rock out with my cock out.

why does it look like there’s cocaine dripping down my nose?

i don’t know if you’ll be able to see this video, considering the privacy settings on facebook, but if you can, it’s of me rocking out to some raging beats this past weekend, i was so trashed!

the summer is rocketing through my skin. warm breezes and parks full of lovers. cobbles stones bumped by bicycle tires and high heels running toward open arms. the summer suffuses us. our passions are heightened and we fall in and out of love like changing brands of cereals. the fervour is delicious. and we hope we never change being flighty. the birds have it right. we are all just learning as we stumble through the night. shadows devour. fingers twine. life begins and ends in this.

i had my first official date with Niko last night. greek man with blue eyes and tennis on the mind. he’s actually not what i expected. i figured he’d be like all the greek men i knew in highschool, stereotypes and easy to predict. he’s actually quite soulful.

so….we’ll see.


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  1. Dämmerung Anblick

    i thought everybody forgot about portishead. they’re great.

    May 12, 2008 at 6:54 PM

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