"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>numa numa yay, numa numa yay, numa numa numa yay!

>i’m sure you remember that old romanian dance track…it’s called dragostea din tea, but everyone calls it the Numa Numa song….i’ve been singing it here non-stop since i arrived.

romanian, the language, is so similar to french, spanish, and the other romance languages. no surprise, considering romania was founded by, duh, the romans! so i can actually read the language here with only slight difficulty.

bucharest is a town still talking about the major revolution that happened here in december of 1989 when the dictator tried to crush a rebellion and over 1000 people were killed either by police fire or being rolled over by tanks. him and his wife were eventually arrested and executed by firing squad, but that just seems like carnage breeding carnage to me.

1989 was a carnage year…bucharest. berlin wall. tiananmen square. and indiana jones.

anyway, i met this american guy Chris who’se been studying in madrid and we spent a couple days together. like kiev, i feel like i’m gathering other people’s travel stories as a way to inspire myself to keep going. he had a travel partner in the beginning of his trip but they started fighting and parted ways. backpacking can be a lonely experience, as jeannine is discovering, and i’ve found happen several times in the past. what makes it hard is, you meet people, befriend them, but they always have a shorter stay than you, and you’re left behind as they run off to catch their next train to some hot and exciting destination, while you sit in the hostel bunk, blogging.

yeah, chris left this afternoon. sure i head to istanbul tomorrow, so i’m not left behind for long…but i just wish i was the one, just once, to leave someone behind in my dust.

yes. yes, i am.

that black cross marks the spot where the first victim of the 1989 revolution died, shot by a policeman’s bullet.

they think they’re so french. leave l’arc de triomphe alone!

like chandler, this phenomenon scares the b-jesus out of me. his legs move about as if independent from his body!

there’s chris. here we’re smiley.

here we’re serious. sorta.

i’m such a palatial gal…in sneakers and shorts?

looking up at the ceiling…

can you imagine me walking down this stairwell in a gown? hello, welcome to my underground lair….

from this balcony, michael jackson once greeted the citizens of bucharest by saying, “hello budapest!”

hello bucharest.

there is no dracula in transylvania. no dracula at all.

istanbul awaits.

i need a good falafel.


3 responses

  1. Anonymous

    wow, you really seem to have met many guys to know so much about most of them.

    July 4, 2008 at 5:49 PM

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