"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>eating nuts

>on the 19 hour train ride from bucharest to istanbul, i met a winnipeg-er named adrian. we shared travel stories and shared food. we hung out of the windows in the corridor and snapped photos and had silent moments when the scenery, not unlike training it through the swiss alps, stole our breathes, vacuuming away all linear thought.

at 3am, we stopped at the border to turkey to buy our entry visas. canadians are the only ones who pay $60 to get a visa. europeans, americans, chinese, even australians only pay $20. why? because when turks enter canada, they have to pay $100. tit for tat, it seems.

anyway, as adrian and i were sharing PB & J sandwiches (bread from romania, jam from ukraine, peanut butter from germany, nutella from italy), he offered me some nuts. but i wanted to stick my head out the window and gaze at the scenery. every time i got up to look out the window, he’d offer me more nuts. it got to the point that i was missing all that the horizon offers because of him. so i blurted out, “i’m missing all the good scenery cuz i’m eating your nuts!”


for the three days we spent together on the train and exploring istanbul, that joke at my expense refused to die.

scenery case in point:

you must watch these two vids….you’ll see adrian….and i’m kinda trying to make you guys jealous with my narratives….


post on istanbul to come soon…i’m still busy exploring it!!


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