"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>i just made a sex reference on live national television….class act all the way

>alright munchkins, seeing as how traffic on this blog has quadrupled in just one day from my 7-minute appearance on Richard & Judy today, and a lot of you are googling me now (and sending some really weird facebook messages….you men are sick piggies), i figure you’d like some behind-the-scenes photos.

for those of you who missed my appearance, it will go live tomorrow (august 19th, 2008) on this website and will available to download for free for a week. if you are reading this post after the link has expired, hopefully it’s up on youtube by then. i’ll try to get it up there myself.

EDIT: here is a direct link to the video of the episode. you need Windows Media Player or Real Player to watch it. fast forward to time indext 16:34 to see the start of my segment.

here’s my boy, manly alpha-male G-Range getting his make-up done. he’s so adorable, i just wanna pinch his cheeks all day long.

Ed texting everyone he knows to tune in.

Gemma calling everyone she knows to tune in.

G-Range on two fucking phones, calling everyone he knows to tune in.

it was the green room of phones.

the spread they laid out for us after the show wrapped.

gemma, yours truly, and ed schmoozing with Richard, the host of the show, afterwards. he was such a sweety, and is really excited to see our show.

yours truly, G-Range, and Gemma enjoying a cuddle.

going out for starfucks with fellow castmate Desrine after the show….she’s hot, innit!

also, here are some photos that were taken waaaay back in March of another get together a few of us had that i couldn’t blog about because we had to keep everything secretive until the show was officially announced.

naomi and barney were researchers on the show, and changed my life when they chose me to be on it. love your beautiful faces!

Gemma, stevie jones (yes, THE steve jones, relax now) and yours truly sucking down drinks.

Gem shying away from the camera….out of character for her, she’s a fucking camera hog! LOL.

smiling mistresses.

Ed and Gem deep in convo.

gemma couldn’t get herself off Ed’s lap….what a shocker.

me and etiquette-eddie.

ed and stevie deep in convo.

stevie just can’t keep his hands off me…..uh…yeah….that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.


so the segment went by really quickly and before we knew it, it was over. we had so much to say and so much to talk about, but that’s the nature of live tv, i suppose. it’s funny how your adrenaline gets going beforehand, and you think about all the things you should say, and then suddenly you’re in it, and you wonder why you stressed so much about a quick little chat. richard and judy were lovely, i suggested to them off-camera that they rename the show Judy & Richard, which they thought was awesome. it’s the final week of their show, so being asked to go on has been a huge honour.

what was most exciting for the 4 of us was seeing, for the first time, edited clips of the show. we haven’t seen a single episode yet (we get to watch the first episode together next week at the premiere party), and so we had no idea how we looked, how we came across, or how we’ve been exploited edited into each show. and what struck me the most from watching those clips is how colourful it is! i forgot we were all dressed in such vibrant colours! and how blue the water was, how green the leaves were, how gold the sand was. i think we all come across and very strong and feisty, and i’m really proud of us.

the feedback i’ve gotten from my friends who watched this segment was that i was very poised and eloquent in my responses but still fun and high on energy.

thank fuck for that! the camera didn’t show my legs shacking and my knees knocking. not nervous, just my adrenaline sending me into freak-out-mode!

anyway, fanks to everyone who tuned in to support me and fanks to everyone who has found this blog since the show aired and showed an interest in what i do.

more updates to come!


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  1. What do you mean THE Steve Jones? I’M THE Steve Jones! Of course, I’m not famous or anything. Well, beyond the small blog world. Still, I’m the original. Which is worth exactly nothing, but I’m holding proudly onto it anyway.

    August 26, 2008 at 4:45 PM

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