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>first episode roundup


yesterday morning, i got a call from one of the lovely ladies at the Channel 4 press office, asking me if i could do a live radio interview with BBC Radio Sheffield in a hour.

yeah sure, why not?

it was an interview of pure hilarity. there i was, on my mobile, lying in my bed, picking at my teeth, & with moisturizing gunk all over my face, talking on live radio to an audience of thousands. and what i really liked about the interview, was that he wasn’t that interested in the show, but rather the issues that arise from the “gender jihad” as i lovingly put it. we discussed world politics, past women rulers, what women need to do in order to make it under dominant culture and patriarchy….and of course, had a giggle here or there about the tongue-in-cheek nature of the gender jihad. since i explored in my Masters degree issues of gender and representation, i relished the opportunity to speak my mind about the feminist movement to so many listeners. thanks to the lovely ladies at the Channel 4 press office for thinking of me again to do these interviews, i really enjoy them and i’m always up for more.

anyway, i met up with my old university buddy from toronto Alain (fellow writer, quebecois, and shit-disturber-extraordinaire!), who happened to be in town, for dinner and then we headed over to Lu’s house where all my best mates gathered to watch the first episode. it was hilarious getting their feedback on it. everyone thinks it’s so funny and tongue in cheek, and at the same time, they’re taking the piss outta me for my ‘heightened demeanor’ that i projected during the filming of the show. i’m really a kind of fart-joke-thigh-slappin’ kinda gal, but i also know that on something like this, we really had to assert ourselves as no-nonsense gals in order to garner respect from the men. so yeah, maybe i come across as an academic-elitist in the first episode, but trust me, i stick my foot in my mouth as the series moves along.

i’d seen the first episode last week, so i knew how they’d edited it together (the rest of the episodes, have no clue what they’ve done! i mean, i know what happens, just don’t know what they decide to show…or spin). so i was really interested in my mates reactions.

1st reaction – no one could understand why i wasn’t voted as queen.

2nd reaction – they all think the men are the finest examples of ridiculousness at its best. the things that Mikey says … there goes a boy whose only sexual partner is attached to his wrist…

3rd reaction – cannot wait to find out what develops in the following episodes!

EDIT: if you live in the UK/Ireland, you can watch the episode again online for free here on the catch-up website. it’s only available for a week, but each week, a new episode will be added. someone put it on youtube for my family back in Canada, please!!!

i received lots of texts and emails from those of you who tuned in. i’m not going to sit here and say all the reviews were glowing. people have problems with reality tv shows, and the idea of women being in power makes a lot of people afraid. can’t win them all! but it’s interesting to note that usually the people who berate such shows are the same people miffed that they could never get chosen for one either….just some food for thought.

and besides, this is a channel 4 show, on late at night, entitled When Women Rule The World…what were you expecting? Shakespeare?

today, most of the castmates have been yapping online, sharing feedback and taking digs at each other’s performance. we’ve also been sharing lots of links that have sprung up literally overnight, from newspapers chiding us, to message boards adoring us. said it before, i’ll say it again – audiences are fickle. they’ll love us for the exact same reasons they hate us. all i care about is the relationships i’ve built with my castmates, not how other perceive them.

but if you’re interested to see the debate raging on, click here for all the google results! it’s mad!

so one episode down….2 more months to go!

EDIT: Chart Mag has finally revamped its website after like 3 years of promises-promises! and all the back issues are back up! my back-catalogue is there! pages and pages of articles i wrote for them, resurfaced once more! holla!


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