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>episode 2 roundup


last night i went over to castmate Rich’s place in north london to watch the 2nd episode, and castmate fenton came along too. it’s amazing watching the final product with people who were in the show with you, you can talk about it and share feedback in a way only you understand.

but something is really hitting all of us…the edits are really brutal. i understand that they have a gazillion hours of footage to edit down into like 50 minutes + commercials of fun-filled entertainment, but there are key points that are missing in each episode, and some people are being portrayed in a way that is purely the result of edit, not reality. goes to show that reality shows are rarely reality, but hey, i willingly signed up for it.

so far, i don’t have a problem with how i’m being portrayed, but i’m sure i’ll be subject of major farce and satire as the series progresses. i’ll get mine as much as the rest get theirs. last night, i can’t say that i featured quite extensively as i did in the first episode, but i was happy with each shot of me (me? cute on camera? huzzah!) and each section of speech or convo i had….

another observation all the castmates are noticing is — this seems to be a show about the men, rather than the women. the men get more airtime, more speeches, and they got to have conversations with host Jonesy…the women never got to have on-camera convos with Jonesy. this isn’t a complaint really. i think we’re just really surprised.

but on the whole, we were all really impressed with last night’s episode, it’s much better than last week. the progression of the village, of our relationships with the men, and of our own personal journey’s is really starting to come out. and it’s hilarious! it’s really funny and also touching too. being at Rich’s house with Fenton to watch the episode was hilarious because Rich featured a lot in last night’s episode with his attempt at a revolt and his little speech about ‘animal farm’ (the book, not the porno). and Fenton was just the brunt of jokes when he thought he was gonna get sacrificed and nearly started blubbering at the end….we laughed our asses off at that. good times had by all.

i’m hoping everyone keeps watching, because the show only gets better. we’ve heard estimates that for the premiere episode, the ratings were somewhere between 900,000 and 2 million….so you are watching! let me know what you think!

if you missed last night’s episode, it’s repeated this sunday the 14th at 2:30pm on Channel 4, or you can watch the catch-up episode online for free this week here (UK and Ireland only)

here are the official episode details from the website…read about episode 1 here and episode 2 here

roll on episode 3!

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