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>episode 3 roundup, When Women Rule The World

>here’s the official wrap-up of episode 3 from the show’s website.

and if you live in the UK/Ireland, you can re-watch episode 3 and the previous two episodes here from the catch-up website for free (as of this writing, there’s a large chunk inexplicably missing from the episode 3 download, hopefully that’ll be fixed soon…also, the episodes are now available for 65 days! not just 7! woo! enjoy my bikini-face for the next 2 months!)

if you live outside the UK, i’m hoping to find a torrent of episode 3 to upload for you soon….allegra, little help?

anyway, so last night’s episode was delightful. myles called me yesterday and we had a lovely chat. richard and i were exchanging text messages throughout the broadcast, and this morning, dan and i were swapping opinions. angela also called me this morning with her excitment. the show really is improving with each episode, and overall, i’m glad with the edit.

i featured quite a lot in this episode, and am happy with my portrayal thus far (still waiting to become the brunt of jokes though!). a couple of viewers have expressed their support of me in the comments section of this youtube video, which made me smile…yes, i know it’s only 2 comments, when there are thousands/millions of people watching the show, but let me have my little pleasures, will ya? the rest of ya can feel free to leave me more comments!


anyway, for the record, i loved hiding in the bushes with karen while spying on the boys! what you don’t see, is how close we were to them. those bushes were so thick, we were mere centimetres from them, and they couldn’t see us. several times however, we almost got found out. first a coconut fell from a tree behind us and made a big crash! all the boys looked in our direction and we had to freeze. then, some chickens and roosters who were just wandering about the area came right up behind us, fighting with each other and snapping twigs, which again made all the boys look in our direction. then, while in search of more wood to move the statue, dan wandered into the bushes mere metres from us!! he was in direct eyeline with us and for some reason didn’t see us! thank fuck for that, but we freaked out.

also, inexplicably, completely edited out of this episode is a section of the ceremony party that was the most hilarious! after the boys said their likes and dislikes about women, and we ate our bbq, we all went down to the beach and played a makeshift game of twister. but instead of a sheet of red circle and yellow squares, it was buckets of chicken parts and endtrails which the boys hadda stick their feet and hands into! then, G-Range got nekkid in the water, and only had his hat covering his man-bits….i ran into the water and tried to remove the hat…unsuccessfully dammit. but yeah, all of that hilarity didn’t make it to the final edit…sadness!

to answer some of the questions you guys have been sending me:

-yes, i chose Ed as my servant for a reason…oh don’t give me that look.

-no, i’m not gonna reveal if would have voted for gemma or lianne…some things are better left unsaid.

-yes, i think Mikey’s “smash you on your jammy” comment was fucking disgusting and wildly offensive to all women. and totally indicative of his character. the guy is a fucktard, plain and simple. good luck getting laid, buddy.

-yes, i slapped richard so hard with the red paint that when i sat down again, i felt so bad! i thought the exec producer was gonna come and yell at me for being so abusive. richard sent me a text last night, telling me to learn how to paint! hahahah!

– the tension in this episode between lianne and the rest of the ladies isn’t as palpable on-screen as it was living-it. lianne says in this episode that she doesn’t know where the antagonism is coming from . . .

how interesting.

i’m not the only one who has been getting comments on youtube…lianne gets them too, but they’re not as supportive as mine…

that is actually lianne responding on there to some of the viewers brutal comments..i have no idea why lianne feels that necessary…

anyhoo, i’m jonesing for episode 4 now! that is gonna be a great episode as well! hurry next thursday!!

in unrelated news, it was my gal Kat’s birfday a while back and i forgot to post some photos from her piss-up, so enjoy!

me and sexy tanned-tanja

me and sexy luscious-larissa

turbo-tits (aka Lu) and boyfriend chris join in

these two are so lucky they found each other….seriously.

birfday gal Kat enters the picture. she’s so gorgeous!

turbo tits holds water, and pepper shakers.
that’s not my lipstick, but DAY-UM, i wish it was!

aww, bless.
i love this photo, everyone is so smiley!

the gals do a conga-line to the right….
… then we do a conga-line to the left!

that’s it for this week, munchkins:)

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