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>When Women Rule The World episode 4 download!

>so once again, for all you munchkins out there who live outside of the UK/Ireland and can’t watch the reality show that i’m on When Women Rule The World, here is the link to the episode 4 download! you can download this episode in any country!

when women rule the world, episode 4

(if you’re looking for the previous 3 episode downloads, scroll down to find the download links in my previous blog posts)

download instructions are easy – click on the link. it will take you to a page that asks you to fill in a 3-letter code at the top of the page, then click on download. after about a 40-second countdown, click on ‘free download’ and a prompt will ask you to either “open” or “save” the file. click on “save” so the file will always be on your computer, then the download begins. it will take a little over an hour to download each file. once downloaded, you will require a media player à la Windows Media Player/Real Player/VLC Media player to view the episodes (i recommend VLC, it’s the best).

kudos to allegra once again for supplying the download!

enjoy munchkins!

i spoke with driton last night.

i’m going back to kosovo.

you can’t see it right now, but i’m sporting a wicked smile.


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