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>episode 5 roundup, When Women Rule The World


if you missed it like me on thursday night, when women rule the world will be repeated here in the UK this sunday at 2:55pm on channel 4, and then again on wednesday on E4 at 11:35pm.

if you live in the UK/Ireland and want to watch the show online for free, click here (all previous episodes are on this site as well, but episode 5 is the one listed as “thursday 2 october”)

if you live ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and want to download episode 5 for free, click here. (fanks again allegra!)

(download instructions are easy – click on the link. it will take you to a page that asks you to fill in a 3-letter code at the top of the page, then click on download. after about a 45-second countdown, click on “free download” and a prompt will ask you to either “open” or “save” the file. click on “save” so the file will always be on your computer, then the download begins. it will take a little over an hour to download the file. once downloaded, you will require a media player à la Windows Media Player/Real Player/VLC Media player to view the episodes. i recommend VLC, it’s the best).

if you live anywhere in the world and also want to download episodes 1-4, scroll down into my previous posts, the links to those downloads are embedded there and clearly marked.

ANYWAY, onto my impressions of episode 5….

i have been trying to keep quiet about what happens in this episode for so long. we couldn’t let anybody know that by the end of the series, not all the women were present. people kept asking, “so the girls don’t get voted off then?” and i had to just smile and nod, knowing that we booted lianne’s rump into the sea…

yes, i cried. i fucking cried my eyes out. it was just a horrible experience having to do that. not because i felt lianne didn’t deserve it, because of course she did. when we were building that aquaduct without lianne, we had never worked so hard and so well as a team as we did without her breathing down our necks and belittling us. we worked impeccably well together and for all intents and purposes, we passed that challenge with flying colours. a few hours before our 24 hour challenge was over, lianne got up and started to help us spoon the water down the bamboo shoots. gemma and i had been doing it all night so we knew what we were doing and how to do it, but as soon as lianne decided to help, she actually had the balls to try and tell us how to spoon the water down. it was so patrionizing and infantilizing. i know what i’m fucking doing. you’ve been chatting up the boys for the past 24 hours and you think you know better or more than me here? yeah fucking right.

we all knew she had to go. i knew why angela did what she did. it was necessary and i don’t hold anything against angela for forcing us to lose the challenge.

so why was i crying?

quite simply – this felt like highschool bullying. it felt like “oh you don’t fit in with us, so instead of trying to work things out, we’ll just cut you out.” it felt like we were ganging up on somebody who didn’t have the power in numbers. yes, she was a pain in the ass, but….what can i say….i have a heart. i know i wouldn’t like to be the one that no one wants around. i would have hated to have left this experience before my time.

after the vote, we walked out of the queen’s temple, leaving lianne behind at the temple, and we stayed inside the queen’s pod for a bit while the crew set up the next shot.

as soon as i was back in the pod and away from the cameras, i just collapsed into sobs. gemma came rushing over and held me while i cried, as did lesley….and karen, bless her, just turned to me and said “we gotta get on with this, get a grip!” which was hilarious and snapped me out of it. i told them to just ignore me. seriously, when i cry, just ignore me. i’m an emotional fucktard.

but i’m not gonna lie, i hated having to vote her out and even now it still makes me upset to watch that.

but here’s an interesting note – lianne had to leave the community immediately and was taken to the hotel where the crew was staying about 45 minutes outside of our village. so some members of the production team were told to go into her pod and pack up her stuff for her. when they entered her pod, everything was already packed.

lianne’s no dummy. she knew well before the vote that she’d be going home. she mentally prepared herself which is why i think she was able to hold her composure like that when the vote came. i just wonder if it was worth it.

on a completely different note, i wasn’t surprised that gemma made that comment about me being “one moment fine and the next biting at your throat.” while on the island, gemma and i had a love-hate relationship. my problem is that i get really moody and her problem is that she likes bullying people for their shortcomings. if she didn’t agree with me, she would attack me personally instead of just disagreeing with me…and because of that i’d get all moody and wouldn’t express myself properly so the rest of the gang thought i was a bitch most days. i think gemma and i found out later on how to navigate our relationship, and now we get along great. i think she’s lovely now. at the time, i felt like she was one of the kids who used to pull on my pigtails as a child.

and as for mikey’s sabotage….ah, the drama. THE DRAMA! we girls busted our asses for 24 hours to build and take care of that aquaduct. you can even see in this episode a massive scratch across my cheek which i got while trying to cut down some branches in the way of our path and the machete i was wielding slipped….nearly sliced open my face….we all were sore, sprained, cut, bruised, eaten by bugs, and fucking knackered. gemma stayed up for the full 24 hours, while the rest of us napped in between and helped her out in turns. i got up around 3 am to help her and stayed for a few hours, just spooning the water down the shafts. we made repairs with leaves, string and twigs. we fixed leaks. we dug holes. we manned the whole structure so that the boys couldn’t ruin our work.

at the time, we didn’t know who it was that sabotaged the aquaduct. thinking of it logically, of course mikey was the obvious suspect, considering all he’d done in the past. but we had no proof. we all remembered mikey coming back from the sea. but he had leaves and mud and twigs stuck to his legs, which was suspicious. he was absent for quite some time. but we didn’t actually think he was that clever. we all thought he was quite dumb and slow. and like i said in this episode, we were all getting along so well, why would he do that at this point in time?

trust me, the sabotage hasn’t been forgotten, we just put it on hold so that we could kick out lianne. angela said at the time she didn’t care who did it because we’d fixed it. but in the next episode, you’ll see that the rest of us want justice. and we get it.

also, the next episode will be interesting, i think, for all of you, my lovely delicious munchkins who read this blog regularly…because (as i’m sure you’ve noticed from the preview of the next episode) a certain canadian gal with untameable hair gets to wear the crown. and the shit hits the fan.

hurry next week! huzzah episode 6! (thursday night, channel 4, 11:05pm!)

i almost forgot….i got recognized on the street the other day! my first time! someone stopped me and was like “are you that girl on when women rule the world?” and i just stared at them for a minute until i was able to mutter a yes, totally taken aback that someone actually paid close enough attention to recognize me on the street. and they were like, “i thought it was you! i walked by you and i did a double take, i wasn’t sure at first. but it’s you!”

i was totally smiley for the rest of the day.

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  1. You are destined to become a living legend in the Congo.

    October 4, 2008 at 10:53 AM

  2. more like sierra leone, thank you very much.

    October 4, 2008 at 11:01 AM

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