"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."



first things first:

this is my blog.

my outlet for expression.

my domain.

no one held a gun to your head, insisting you read my daily thoughts, anecdotes, and scattered minutiae….if you hate what you read on here, then that begs the question, why are you still reading?

yes lianne, i’m talking to you.

yes lianne, we did have words while down on the island. of course your selective memory chooses to forget that. especially all the times you undermined me and the other mistresses in front of our servants. all the times you lied to our faces. all the times you felt threatened by other people in power and insecurely needed to sabotage the work we did.

but after leaving the island, i had nothing but love for everyone on the island. let bygones be bygones. it’s in the past, let’s move forward. we had a giggle at the screening party, and all was cool as far as i’m concerned.

then episode 4 aired….i loved how you keep calling yourself a team player when you lied to every single mistress about your adventures in douchebaggery at the market. i loved how you actually believed your own lies. i love how, to this day, you praise mikey for being so polite and courteous even though you saw him sabotage our aquaduct on tv, and then call us all slags like an insecure fucktard whose only sexual partner is attached to his wrist.

you two deserve each other anyway.

most of all i love your egotistical musings about your pivotal role in our community. nothing you did there caused governments to collapse or galaxies to explode.

to be blunt, you weren’t that important.

by the way, we all know that at the screening party you offered to suck desrine’s father’s cock. despite the fact that he thought you were vile, despite the fact that he’s happily married, and despite the fact that was wildly inappropriate, desrine was supposed to be your friend. if you’re this disrespectful to your friends, you are more fucked up than i previously thought.

you’re cheaper than a two-for-one sale at primark.

still reading lianne?

that’s what i thought.

so yeah, as you’ve been bashing every single mistress in the press and pathetically on youtube and on facebook groups every single day, seems only fair for me to return the favour your way.

this is a blogtatorship. i’ll say what i fucking want on my own blog. you can go back to MANUFACTURING comments on youtube (we all know you and amaan have been creating fake youtube accounts and posting comments just to make yourselves look popular amongst the viewers) and playing the victim. you do that oh-so well.

oh and all you people who have your heads up lianne’s ass, don’t rearrange things i’ve said on here to suit your own agendas.

EDIT – i said what i needed to say.

this was my venting post. enjoy it munchkins. you may never see me this pissed off again.


2 responses

  1. btw, i really seriously love you.your hell-hath-no-fury rants are what all scorned women should aspire to! 😀come home sooooon xoxoxo

    October 7, 2008 at 2:01 AM

  2. Chrissie I love u I love u I love u, u have a way with words i could never ever compete and i most deffo couldn’t have put that better myself! I refuse to reply to any of her personal comments cos why feed her ego, good or bad she just loves the attention, maybe she needs to get a life. xxxx

    October 7, 2008 at 9:35 AM

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