"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

press interviews galore!

CBC: The National was at my house last night, I went into the CBC studios this morning for my interview on CBC Newsworld, I just did a phone interview with the Globe And Mail which should come out tomorrow in their A & E section, and Global News is on their way to my house right now. and after Global News, CityTV is coming over!!!!!


and so many articles are being printed about the fact that 7 of us lucky canadians made it into the top 50!

i am so honoured to be amongst that group.

i’ll update you guys more (since traffic on here has gone bezerk in the past 24 hours!) about my foibles and follies in the next few days.

but i still haven’t eaten!! or slept!!

anyway, please cast your vote for me for the Island Reef Job here

i’ve been getting reports that the website is slow to send people the voting confirmation to their emails, so please be patient.

vote once a day! vote with every email addy you have! vote often!

fanks for the support!

EDIT: here’s a little report that CityTv put up on their website which features my video!

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