"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

she buttoned her boot, and straightened her suit, and then she said "don’t get cute"

so traffic on this blog has gone through the roof….déja vù in too short a period!

i am fielding a lot of questions about myself, who i am, what i represent, where i come from.

for those of you who want to know more about me in a succint few paragraphs, click here to read to my official biography.

Also, most of my travel documentaries and videos are on my Youtube Channel page here. personal fav videos of mine (found on my youtube channel) include:

the fruit n’ veg market from Pristina, Kosovo,

and the view of Zagreb, Croatia…

if you’d like to read a selection of some of my published writing:

here’s my interview with Lily Allen, brit-pop singer/songwriter extraordinaire.

here’s my recent film review of Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream,” starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farell

here’s a recent travel writing piece i wrote about Nice, France for NOW Magazine

and here’s a short n’ sweet travel writing piece i wrote about Seville, Spain for UKULA.

Also, if you want a sample of some of the travelling I’ve done, click here to read my past blog about Sarajevo, which I backpacked through this past summer.

Another favourite trip was my weeklong-walk across Hadrian’s Wall, which I did this past fall, and you can read my blog about it here.

also, a lot of you have been messaging me about the reality TV show i was did in the UK last year called When Women Rule The World. visit the official website here for details.

watch the trailer for When Women Rule The World here:

and watch my interview on popular UK talkshow Richard and Judy here:

here are a select few photos taken from my years of travelling:

this was taken at Lake Matka, just outside of Skopje, Macedonia.

this was taken in Sofia, Bulgaria…that shop name is clearly lost in translation!

this photo was taken in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina…i’m inside the TUNEL, built during the ’92-’95 siege to smuggle food and water to the Bosnians….their president was even forced to use this tunnel during the siege!

this photo was taken in Belgrade, Serbia, at the hostel i was staying at. look at my massive backpack! look at the smile on my face! huzzah for solo-backpacking!!

this photo was taken in Samana, Dominican Republic during the filming of When Women Rule The World…this is an official press photo, hope no one at Channel 4 minds that I use this!

this photo was taken at the Zurich Street Parade in Switzerland…hence the beads and lai’s and the look in my eye!

this photo was taken on the bus from Oxford to London (England). i think this photo says everything about travelling, doesn’t it!

this photo was taken in London, England. i’m skating next to the Natural History Museum off High Street Kensington

this photo was taken sometime past 3am at the Bulgaria-Istanbul border (had to get off the train to get our visas and passport stamps). i’m standing next to my train, the bosphorus express, which took me direct from bucharest, romania to istanbul, turkey….after 19 hours, of course.

this photo was taken in Cambridge, England. i love cycling through places. great way to see them!

speaking of which, here i am cycling through belgrade, serbia!

alright, now that you are officially tired of me….DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME!

ha. i’m such a raging dork.

dorkus malorkus.


but i’m passionate, ya gotta give me that!

go to www.islandreefjob.com/Christine , enter your email address to vote for me, and you can do it once a day! huzzah!

tomorrow, march 4th, 3 different newspaper article will be printed about me and my Island Reef Job application. So pick up a copy of The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, and Metro (which is free in subways and on the street). If you can’t get a print copy, their articles are almost always posted on their websites. if you can’t find the articles online, i will endeavour tomorrow to find them and put their links up here!

fanks for all the support, munchkins!

EDIT!! here are the links to the 4 newspaper articles that feature me! here’s The Toronto Star article, here’s the Globe & Mail article, here’s the Metro News article (written by fellow blogger Octo!), and I also get a shout out on BlogTO today.


EDIT #2!! click here to listen to my interview on CFRB radio. and click here to read an interview i did with CTV news….

i was on CP24 twice today…first interviewed by Ann Rohmer, and then by Jee-Yun Lee. fun times all around, and got a free copy of Windows Vista for my trouble!

free swag!!


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  1. Well… my vote has already gone down your way, maybe we’ll meet in Australia one fo these days (I am working on a PhD about a Portuguese ship wrecked there in 1816.. 🙂

    March 5, 2009 at 1:07 PM

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