"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

"i’m sorry, i can’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness"

watch my dorkified and geekotronic interview on CityTV News here! this news segment was actually filmed at my house in toronto….in my bedroom and computer room….i feel so violated!! (ha)

click on the video:)


and if you missed it in my last blog post, read my interview with CTV News here

AND listen to my phone interview with CFRB Radio here, you can stream it:)

don’t forget to vote once a day for me! www.islandreefjob.com/Christine

on a personal note, yesterday before i did those two CP24 News interviews, I went to the Portuguese consulate and picked up my Portuguese passport!! Huzzah!! I am now officially a dual citizen, Canadian and Portuguese! After 2 years of filing papers and hanging out at consulates and sending off documents and waiting impatiently and getting majorly pissed off and getting a bit of luck, the process is over! i can now work and live in the European Union without restriction! when i lived i london for 2 years on my worthless Visa, i was under so my restrictions, it was debilitating! now, i can wake up one morning and be like, “you know what, today i’m polish!” and i can just move to poland and live and work there without restriction and there ain’t no one to stop me!!


the world is my toystore.


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