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those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it


i just received a letter in the mail about 2 minutes ago from the Canada Council for the Arts.

i’m a recipient of one of the Grants to Professional Writers in the Creative Writing program!!!


(please pass me a new pair of undies)

i applied for this last October, as i do every year, so that my broke rump can work on my novel without interruption. artists rarely make enough money to live off their art alone, so we apply for funds from public granting offices to keep our lives afloat. so we can eat and pay rent and what not.

i mean, if i wanted to be rich, i definitely wouldn’t have become a writer!

i’ve gotten grants in the past…once in 2003 from the toronto arts council, and again in 2005 from the Canada Council…both were for different projects. and i’ve always been so humbled and so grateful for every single penny i receive, especially considering the quantity of applications they receive. it’s in the thousands for sure!

so for the CC to not only recognize the validity of my work and my talent, but to also award me with the sum they did (i won’t brag about how much, however it is substantial……….that’s still bragging, huh?) is truly an honour.

fanks ‘anonymous peer assessment team!’ you’re swell. have you lost weight?

so now i can work on my novel without worrying about paying bills and i can finally finish this project! (i can just hear groans rising up over cyber space right now. people are gonna think now that i’ve been awarded this, i don’t deserve to win the Island Reef Job. trust me, while the award is very generous, it’s not enough to live off of for one year.) my project is up to about 250 pages, so not long to go now. should take me another 6 months approximately


2009 is turning out to be a great year. first i get my EU citizenship, then i’m a Top 50 in the Island Reef Job (don’t forget to vote pour moi! www.islandreefjob.com/Christine), and now my creative writing talent has been recognized by a national granting authority.

uh oh….wait a sec….

does this mean i don’t have to work again, or that i’ll never work again?

speaking of the Island Reef Job, i just wanna give a shout out to all the NING people. i’ve been lurking on the site for a couple months now, since i was first contacted about it. i’ve noticed a lot of heated discussions going on there, and for that reason, i didn’t join so as not to stir the pot. but i know a lot of you have been following my blog. i think the community is a brilliant idea, and the support you’re giving each other is truly commendable. mad props!

to address some of your comments:

-yes, i know i look like i’m 19. it’s because of the canadian cold. it slows down the aging process. i officially turned 28 on march 2nd (the day i found out i was in the top 50, no less). no gray hairs, and no wrinkles, huzzah!

-i’ve had my blog for almost 4 years now (april will be the anniversary). i’ve travelled every year since my blog started.

-i did my video in 2 takes. in the first take when i threw the snow up in the air, it landed all over me, which looked bollocks! second take went much better. perfect. upload. sent. done.

-the song that’s playing on my blog right now is “Allies” by the group “Blue States” (people in the UK should recognize it, as it’s played in the Channel 4 commercials for their “Cutting Edge” series). i think it’s a stirring song. don’t turn down the volume! savour it!!

if ya’ll got any more questions or comments (good or bad, i’m all ears), feel free to shoot them my way.


3 responses

  1. Christine –Just stopping by on my whirlwind quantitative tour of the top-50. Unlike you, I didn’t make the top 50 so 2009 isn’t going to be as awesome for me.No worries. I already live on an island and – after talking it over with a few of the locals – have decided to declare myself island caretaker (besides, I now own the domain 😀 ) http://www.island-caretaker.comIt was going to be part of my top-50 strategy, but now it’ll be something different. 😉Hey … good luck to you. Happy birthday. Congrats on your citizenship and Grant!

    March 7, 2009 at 8:14 AM

  2. Hey Christine,Congratulations on being shortlisted. I can sure see why they chose you (not sure about some of the others though!).Great website too – but I tried to watch the videos, and can’t hear the sound because the background music keeps playing throughout (fab though it is!).Best of luck with QT. That island would be a great place to write a book eh!Kind regards,Davi (d)

    March 7, 2009 at 10:07 AM

  3. fanks scott and davi for your comments and support!and davi, if you scroll your mouse over the little ipod player in my left column, you’ll see that’s where the background music is coming from…if you click on the pause button, the music will stop!!🙂

    March 7, 2009 at 5:16 PM

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