"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

fear is temporary. regret is forever.

this is a photo that was taken of me when i was interviewd on live television by Ann Rohmer on CP24…my lips are doing something weird (stupid mid-convo shot!), but overall it’s not a bad shot. Ms Rohmer was lovely, she was really excited for me, and gave me her card afterward to make sure I tell her what happens…

so, as i encouraged you munchkins to do, you’ve been sending me questions and comments about my application for the Island Reef Job. i said you could send positive or constructive feedback, i welcomed both.

careful what you wish for, eh?

the most common question is why i chose to make the video i did in such a fashion: very low tech and unedited when everyone else made really technically proficient videos.

well, to be honest, that was kinda the point!

i’ve seen video contests like these before (granted, i’d never entered in any of them previously) and i knew everyone was going to use cuts and fades and wipes and computer generated images and camera tricks and graphics and strategic edits and blue screens and what not.

and if you notice, of the videos that did use thos effects, the average length of each shot before it cuts away is 1-2 seconds.

i think that, when making videos, people too often rely on the technology to get people interested. the old saying is true: technology is a crutch. sometimes, instead of showcasing your personal talents and strengths, all you’re showcasing is how good you are with a click of a mouse. anyone can create fun graphics with a computer. but it’s much more difficult to put yourself out there for all to see without relying on fancy lights and star-graphics to keep people tuned in.

so i thought to myself, “let’s see if i can make a video that not only meets the requirements TQ is laying out, but also can hold the viewers attention for the full 60 seconds, WITHOUT relying on computer and camera tricks to keep people interested.”

the only thing i had to rely on, then, was myself.

i relied on my creativity and personality to make the video work.

and i guess it did work, or else i wouldn’t have made it this far. and for that, i am very proud of myself. because looking at some of the other videos, it looks like they needed a 10-person crew and several trucks of equipment just to complete their 60 seconds!

don’t get me wrong, i think the other 49 videos are absolutely brilliant. i’m especially proud of the 6 other canadians who made the cut, their videos are spectacular (gotta give a shout-out to my CBC sistah Anny Chih. i saw your video way before we made the Top 50, and i was blown away! great job, girl!!)

but from the ranks in votes, it seems that the video that was edited the most has the lowest votes so far. karyna from japan has the lowest votes, but her video was brilliant, very creative, and so so sweet! however, since it’s a stop-motion video, she must have edited the bejesus outta it!

i guess my point is this – people don’t respond to technology and editing. they respond to the person in front of the camera.

so that’s why my video is low-fi, but high-quirky.

THAT’S why i left the voice of my friend saying “go!” at the very beginning in the video. i could easily have edited that out, or have done another take. i thought it was funny! so i left it in for the yuk-yuk factor:)

love it or hate it, i just tried to be myself. and that’s all i can do.

now with this in mind, let’s take another look at my video:

another comment that people have been addressing to me is actually quite the compliment and so i’d like to take a quick moment to address it:

people are saying that after reading my blog and discovering everything about me and my history, they think i am really well suited to this job. fanks!! i agree with you!! (har har har)

but you’ve noted however, that my blog does a better job of showcasing my suitability as a candidate than my video does.

i guess that’s the limits of 60 seconds! i tried to say why i should get it, plus what i knew of the GBR, all while rhyming and whipping up props! i can only say so much i guess, but fanks for following up on me and seeing what it is i do with my life! i’m very humbled by everyone who has thrown their support behind me.

anyway, back to my shameless self promotion!! don’t forget to vote for me daily here – www.islandreefjob.com/Christine

fanks again for all the questions and comments! keep ’em coming!!

(did i just say that?)

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