"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

i said ‘wait slow down love, not so fast, i’ll be seeing ya!"; that’s why i found out you don’t play around with the Funky Cold Medina!

Go to the CTV Canada AM Website and click on “Best Job finalists need your votes,” which is located under the video player, to see my interview on the show this morning

(i have a funny feeling that link will expire soon…they probably update their page daily and delete this stuff…so hurry if you wanna see it!)

meeting melissa, one of the other canadian finalists, was great. she brought a mate with her who sat with me in the green room and fed me all the gossip that’s been going on amongst some of the other applicants! good times.

funniest part of the morning – realizing i wore the same shirt to the interview as in my video.

this is my only shirt. i use the other one as a towel and sometimes a dish rag.

*warning! warning! sarcasm going off the meter!*

anyways, i’ve done more interviews in these past few weeks than i can count, but oddly enough, it never ever gets dull, old, or boring. what are all these celebs whining about? stop being primadonnas! people are interested in you! show some enthusiasm!

there’s only a few more days before voting from the public finishes and TQ chooses its Top 10. so i guess it’s in the hands of the universe now.

in the meantime, give a sistah a little karma! (i.e vote for me and win my love forever)

after the interview, i had to race downtown to attend the press screening of “Sunshine Cleaning” starring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn, and Alan Arkin. i enjoyed it, i even weeped a little bit. if you ever catch me in the morning, i’m usually overly emotional, so just ignore me!

as i left the cinema, i could hear some of the other reviewers immediately bashing it. some where waxing philosophical with their elitism how scattered and unstructured the film was. sometimes i feel pressure when i’m sent to review a film to be overly cynical and critical. i don’t feel this pressure from my editors, but rather it comes more from the readers. as if they respect a reviewer more if she thinks everything is derivative and trite. well i know tropes when i see them, and this flick ain’t a trope. it was actually quite endearing and sweet, and loaded with real emotion. i will not become a cynic, i will not become a cynic…

watch the trailer for Sunshine Cleaning here…

out in the lobby of the cinema, i ran into my arch nemesis: the on-again-off-again boyfriend of one of my best mates. he does security at the press screenings sometimes, and last time i ran into him there was a few years ago (before i moved to london) and on that day we had a shouting match in the lobby about how he was hurting my mate by stringing her along.

see what i mean when i say that i stick my foot in my mouth!!

i gave him a mouthful in front of his coworkers. it was not very diplomatic of me, even though every thing i said was right! people like that make me so mad! but this time i promised my mate that i’d behave myself.

so as i left, i texted her and asked her to punch him for me when she saw him next.

right in the babymaker.

fingers crossed, she follows through.

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