"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

i am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does..

CTV has written up profiles about all the Canadian finalists in the Island Reef Job, and I am quite impressed with the research they did on me (a lot of this stuff they wrote about me, I didn’t tell them, they did their digging!). To read my profile and the other 6, click here!!

also, if you missed my interview on CTV Canada AM (either because you didn’t see it on telly or the previous link i provided expired) then click here to watch it in full!

i’ve been told through the grapevine that they’re re-broadcasting my reality TV show When Women Rule The World over in the UK. apparently, it’s re-running now on thursday nights at midnight on channel 4, and once again, lots of people are googling the show and landing on my blog. if you want all my reactions to each episode, go into my archives for September and October of 2008, i have episode round-ups, behind-the-scenes info, and links to download the entire episodes!

this past thursday, i joined my mates sofi, john, bonnie, len, and mike in the journey across the border to buffalo (or as sofi nicknamed it, “barfahole“) to attend a Morrissey concert!

see, Morrissey won’t play in Canada because he’s opposed to the seal hunt (and rightfully so, it sucks that our country still engages in that barbaric tradition), so we figured we’d endure the 1 hour 30 minutes drive south of the border, passports in hand, to see our beloved sexy ornery frontman sing classics and new favourites.

and of course, hilarity ensued!

here we are at Sofi’s flat, right before we all piled into john’s van. all for one and one for all, go team!

john’s not making a funny face. that’s how he looks most days. poor fella.

(from left to right) mike, moi, and bonnie. giggling in the car. rock on! hard core!

(l-r) bonnie, sofi, mike, moi. mike was really nervous as you can see because we’ve got drugs, firearms, and hookers in the trunk and he’s praying customs won’t notice.

we arrive at our hotel. mike does not look impressed….

…until the boys discover the joys of jumping on the beds!!

very zen photo. good times.

sofi’s t-shirt says “Club Soda. Not Seals.” take that, morrissey!

sofi is so excited, while the rest of us look somewhat bemused, inexplicably.

the gang in the hotel rooms, holding up the book of mormon we found in the drawers, and laughing at the idea contained within that native americans are the lost descendants of israel. oh, those delightful mormons!

the po-m0 shot: len taking a photo of sofi who’s taking a photo of me and bonnie in front of the Olive Garden sign.

sofi’s shot of us in front of the Olive Garden sign….sofi was so excited about eating here, she couldn’t contain the giddiness.

can you blame her? bottomless salad!!

buying booze at the local Wegmans. believe it or not, john is right behind sofi. all you can see of him is his newsie-cap and his arm. he’s been enveloped by the len-sofi–chrissy beast.

the boys find Golden Crisp, a cereal no longer available in canada, and all is right in their world again.

we decide to make a trip to Target, an american staple. but to make it sound more artistocratic, we nickname it “Targée.”

in the Targée, beaming with upper-class-snobbery pride.

oh no they di-int!!!

oh yes they did!!

i bought a dirty book at Barnes & Noble (or as we nicknamed it “Barnés et Noblé”) and was hoping the cashier would get all offended, but as it turned out, he couldn’t read.

finally onto the best photos! NEKKID MORRISSEY!!

after “how soon is now” he dropped to the floor. presumably waiting for me to climb right on…which i would have. that handsome old snot….i heart him.

i love how that audience-hand is basically reaching for his man-bits.

sofi and john were crying by this point.

best shot, courtesy of john. love you morrissey!!

Morrissey…replaced with our heads. of course, sofi gets to be on morrissey’s body. i get the guitarist with the most prominent treasure trail for some reason!!!

does anyone else find this photo-shopped pic really difficult to look at for more than 5 seconds?

anyway, best roadtrip ever!!

i have just heard of Jade Goody’s passing. i met her once, as this photo below will testify to. i was critical of her during her racism-row with Shilpa Shetty, but no one deserves to die in the painful way she did, and i am deeply saddened by her passing. cancer is the plague of the our modern era, and let’s hope a cure is found soon. RIP.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Christine,I had a really cool idea for the day when we find out who the Top 10 are. Was thinking we could get as many of the Top 50 together as we can on an msn chat group while we wait for the decision. Want to join? Do you use msn? If so, send me your email and I’ll organise! Thanks! Haileyhailz1318@gmail.com

    March 26, 2009 at 12:27 PM

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