"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

she’s in my Top 8, i bagged her off of Myspace; go girl! go girl! go girl! go girl! shake them dice and roll ’em, shake them dice and roll ’em!

Check out my film review of horror flick Pontypool here!

also, another article has been published about me and my bid for the Island Reef Job. it basically talks about how portuguese I am. ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

(before moving onto regular blogging business…..)

wow, so the traffic on this blog is skyrocketing again with the re-broadcast of When Women Rule The World in the UK. yes, i’m one of the 8 ladies on the show. yes, we got to hang out with Steve Jones. no, we don’t hate men. LOL! if you live in the UK/Ireland, and want to re-watch any episodes you may have missed, click here to stream them on the free catch-up website. if you want my opinions, behind-the-scenes trivia, and episode wrap-ups, go into my September/October archives of 2008 (that’s when the show originally aired).

here’s an interview we did on Richard & Judy (“we” being myself, gemma, g-range, and ed) when the show premiered last year:

and here’s the trailer for the show…keep a look-out for the gal with the tell-tale canadian accent. c’est moi:

some photos from the past month i keep forgetting to upload…

out to dinner at Fressen on queen street west with my mates (l-r) caitlin, moi, jesse, sue, paula, vicki, sophia, and andrea.

upon seeing this photo, one of my gals commented, “day-um! all your friends are quite the dishes.”

tis true. my friends are rich in beauty.

while i’m simply rich in character.

moi, sophia, and andrea dancing at The Drake Hotel further down on queen west.

luis and sophia enjoying their pints. luis is my portuguese bruvva-from-anuvva-muvva. (heheh, got it?) some of you may recognize Luis from a Ford commercial that airs ad-nauseum on CTV.

oh luis . . .

okay, not to be one of those pedantic bloggers who only posts photos of their cats…..but look how cute my Cocoa is!!!

awww, snuggles!!!

i wuv my baby cocoa snuggles!

okay, i’ll stop. even the cat is fed up.

speaking of being portuguese, on the day i finally got my passport, i totally wigged out.

i kiss that thing every night.

the other day, i attended the Ultimate Travel Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. jesse (pictured in the first photo above) came wif.

it was incredible!!! we entered about 50 or 60 contests to win trips to different places (the one i’m keeping my fingers crossed is for the one to indonesia!), we got brochures and free swag from all different sorts of travel agencies, news organizations, tourism boards, travel insurance companies, tour companies, and travel magazines . . . they fed us like crazy (free sweet dates, chocolates, caramels, banana chips, wine, beer, mojitos)…

BUT the best part was definitely meeting Ian Wright from Pilot Guides (also known as Globe Trekker in some parts of the world)!! I love that show, i’ve been watching it for years. Ian Wright is totally crazy. dude will put anything in his mouth (including fried cockroaches). and he’s got some great stories. was rivetting to hear him speak.

his photos in the background were hilarious. that’s him as elvis….presumably taken somewhere in graceland.

nice one ian. frozen snot in yellowknife.

fish n’ chips. *sigh* i miss living in london.

anyway, the Ultimate Travel Show was a success. i was there for 5 hours, i couldn’t tear myself away!

i am officially a travel nerd.

last night i attended a party in honour of Descant Literary Journal, held at editor Karen Mulhallen’s house. one of my short stories is going to be published in their summer issue #146, so it was great to meet all the people involved in choosing and editing my work. sometimes being a writer can be a very lonely experience. huddled up with your computer all day, isolating yourself from everything except your imagination. so going to these events is vital for building and sustaining a literary community.

huzzah for Canadian Literature! aka Can.Lit!

….or “Clit” for brevity’s sake….


(just between you and me….)

i keep watching and rewatching this video of a Hip Hop Hustle class. how much fun does this look.

i just went over this post and counted how many exclamation points i used…

a lashing of apologies all around.


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