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RedBall project hits Toronto, crushes local girl

the RedBall project, which has graced cities around the world, has hit toronto as part of the Luminato festival (read the project description here)

gracing many entrances, corners, and alleys around the city, the RedBall project seeks to redefine and recontextualize art. this project is less about the piece and more about the reaction the piece gets. it’s about the energy exuded from the people who approach it. the en-masse energy. and how the energy feeds off each new person drawn to it.

also, it takes commuters and city-dwellers out of their daily zones. instead of just walking down the street and not taking notice of anything in your familiar surroundings, it forces you to look at these entrances, corners, and alleys in a new light. it takes you out of routine and makes you enjoy your city again, like a tourist would.

i think the project is brilliant.

i’ve been documenting each new spot the RedBall appears in during the festival, and will continue to do so until the fest ends next weekend. i’ll be at each new spot everyday in the afternoon with my camera. if you see me, come say hit! next week i’ll post my video-montage and photos here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

but here are some photos taken by Sam Javanrouh, my new photog buddy, whom i just happened to run into AGAIN at the ball’s weekend location at Old City Hall! huzzah!

the ball continued to crush me and all in it’s path.


i like this last photo the best.

all photos property of Sam Javanrouh, copyright remains with him.


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