"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>Vancouver Day 3


gawwwwd i hope i don’t start to fall behind on my blogging here, i’ve got a photo backlog and hardly any time to do this with such an infuriating slow connection and a bajillion shots to upload.
okay more of chrissy’s west-coast penetration sensation exhilaration vacation
the inside of a little tug boat i took across the bay to…
….granville island public market.
i was supposed to go biking through stanley park, but as you can see, the rain sullied those plans. so granville market it was, which everyone had hyped up to me like it was the gonna BLOOOOWWW MYYY MIIIIIND. turns out its a St Lawrence Market clone.
omg a shop full of CHAPEAUX!
i think you can all guess what i did in there….
oh yessssssss
i was downright besotted with this one 
how guy ritchie of me.

i think this fascinator was probably my favourite.
walking across the market, i came across this oddity. a lovely flower whose genus i will never know left discarded on a road barrier.
macro on the raindrops
had some soy matcha masala chai at this quaint market tea company
look at the caffeinated goodness. after india, all i can think about is chai chai chai chai
say CHAI TEA TAI CHI 5 times really fast
more soy matcha at Wicked Cafe in kitsilano with Katie
ADBUSTERS HQ! this is the magazine where my inner anarchist flourishes.
the view of vancouver from kitsilano
then it was underground artist-hangout hipsterific Narrow on main street…
the place was full of oddly-dressed men surrounded by mounted antlers and drinking swishy-sounding liqueurs…and who should i encounter there but…
(aww how gorges is she!)
it’s an artists lounge, so we sported the berets, ‘natch! we’re shit disturbers like that. i absolutely cream my knickers over this shot with the antlers and red velvet wall behind us (this photo is copyright Anny Chih)

anny and i started conversing last year when we were both Top 50 Finalists in the Island Reef Job/Best Job In The World global competition hosted by Tourism Queensland (the job eventually went to Ben Southall). i always thought she was uber talented and totally deserved to win, but because we were at opposite ends of the nation, we were never able to meet until now.(this photo is copyright Anny Chih)
we gabbed for hours! we had been conversing online for over a year, so when we finally got the chance to gab in person, OH MY GOD did we chat about our lives, our travels, our loves, our careers, and a bit of insider gossip (hush hush). she’s so sweet and generous and full of a zest for life, the girl is in a fortuitous future. keep your eyes on this one. (this photo is copyright Anny Chih)

*   *   *   
alright chumps, i’m travelling in a few hours to whistler & may or may not find the time to blog about yesterday’s events in a timely fashion. plus my time in whistler is gonna be PACKED with adrenaline activities that will require me to have several pairs of panties on hand, in case i foul up the first ones. I’M THAT EXTREME DUUUUDE.
british columbia continually shocks my body awake.
that’s all for now munchkins. 

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