"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>Vancouver Day 4


so my last full day in vancouver was a great one, i started it off with a nice long leisurely shower & catching up on EastEnders and Big Brother.
it’s my thing, don’t judge.
then after lunch i headed to English Bay to meet up with the Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centre where i had booked a kayak tour around the bay.
now the last time i went kayaking was in 2008 off the coast of Dubrovnik in Croatia, where it was an epic fail. don’t get me wrong, i had an amazeballs time, but my upper body strength back then was slim to none, and i just couldn’t keep up or steer with the rest of the group, lagged behind, was in serious muscle pain afterwards.
this time, i was the only one in a single kayak, the rest were double kayaks for the married couples doing the excursion. and yet somehow, my one oar/paddle/whatchamacallit was not only able to keep up with their doubled-manpower-oar/paddles, i was overtaking them pretty much all the time. at one point the guide had to call out across the bay for me to wait up, haha. i guess i got in a zone. sorry guy. 
i have chalean extreme, p90x, and insanity to thank for these guns on my arms, fyi. you should totally do these programs if you don’t already. muscle FTW.
anyhoo, the guide had some interesting stories and anecdotes to tell us about the bay, but in all honesty, i wasn’t paying attention. i was more entranced by the sound of the oars slicing through the waters surface, the feel of the waves under my kayak, the commorants and seals we passed, and the austere, serene, lush scenery surrounding us.
i was also a bit consumed with the feeling that the guide fancied me somewhat. he was in a  smiley/flirty/i’m-intrigued-by-you mode that i picked up on immediately. he kept complimenting me on my kayak form & my strength and steering his kayak to be next to mine. note to men – girls always can tell when a guy fancies them. even when you think you’re hiding it well and just being breezy and cool, WE KNOW.
naturally, because it was a water sport, i didn’t bring my camera. so no photos for that particular event. sorry. that woulda made a good photojaculation though.
after returning to the hostel to change outta my wet clothes, i walked down to gastown to meet up with katie and her gay boyfriend rob.
is that cafe missing a letter at the end? or is it really “bambo?” that’s like a leotard’s porn name.
i was in a snippy mood because i hadn’t had my chai soy latte of the day yet, so we hauled ass to brioche for some caffeinated bliss.
blatant touristy photo op? why yes. yes it is.
i had been riding my bike, breaked too quickly, and launched myself over the handlebars, somehow landing on my feet (don’t ask me how that happened), but i bruised up my arm and my leg pretty badly. this arm bruise is now a bad collage of purple, green and mottled yellow
thigh welt!
we all then went to Six Acres, which was another bar i knew i hadda check out (after Narrow with anny)
why are they giving us books to read?
oh, book menus. it woulda been cool if the names of the dishes were after famous titles. like The Grapes And Cheese Platter of Wrath…or For Whom The Stuffed Bell Pepper Tolls
Aurelie (on the left) is from Belgium and works at Brioche (cafe above). she is probably the most interesting person i’ve ever sat and had a beer with. knockout gorgeous, wicked clever, and her english (for a dutch-frenchie) is impeccable. she told me how to say zipper in french and now i can’t remember, lil help anyone?
yes, the beer bottle was somewhat interesting, but i really just took this shot to get a photo of the beautiful fine specimen of a man sitting directly behind it.
gay boyfriend rob hadda leave, so the remaining girls walked from Gastown  to the Gyoza King resto over on robson & denman! if anyone knows the layout of vancouver, ya’ll know that ain’t no 5 minute walk.
we realized we’re like the big-lip bevy of beauties
katie big lips
aurelie big lips
chrissy big tits…err…lips
*   *   *  
my day 4 blog is brief, but today has been knackering! i’m in whistler right now, and it has been the longest but bestest day ever (with some hiccups and malfunctions along the way). you will read tomorrow’s blog post all day long, mark my words
later dater hater skaters.

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