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>Whistler Day 3


this was the day this trip was all gearing up for. the day of pure adrenaline and scaring myself shitless.
 first up at 10:30am, a zip-trek eco tour, zip-lining back and forth between the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. 
instructors martin from UK and james from aussie aussie aussie oy oy oy
the before shot
naturally i was the first to volunteer to do the first line
pelvis forward, muscles out….martin looks quite embarrassed
 the line went through trees and over rushing ravines
and under the bluest of skies.
there i go!  how undignified
on the other end, fresh and peachy
here’s a video of me zipping across one of the lines. amazeballs!!
martin was super cool, full of jokes, and really helpful in teaching me how to go upsidedown and scare myself witless.
james laughed at my constant use of the term “amazeballs.”
blackcomb mountain
aww shucks.
the olympic luge track was right near by….all i could think about was georgia.
the zip lines we crossed and traversed
the great thing about zip trek eco tours is that they promote sustainabile and eco-friendly tourism, having a minimal impact on the enviro they use and replenishing it whereever possible. they also donate part of the trip fee to unicef, kiva, doctors without borders, and pediatric aids africa
see you at the end!
this one was so long, i couldn’t even see where it ended.
aaaannnnnnnd the lines are held together with duct tape. great.
whistler mountain
absolutely gorgeous and so worth it.
next up, the one thing i have no idea why i decided to do it, but still did it anyway to save face and not to embarrass myself in front of everybody – the whistler bungee jump.
the wastoids running the jump were so funny and helpful, they kept calling me “pretty lady” which helped somewhat.
the platform. more like a pirate’s plank if you ask me.
this is apparently the highest bungee jump in canada
looking at this drop, i actually didn’t think i’d be able to do it at the last minute
i almost backed out standing on the plank
see! YOU SEE!! could you do this?
smiling through uncontrollable shakes. the wastoids counted me down from 5.
and i didn’t jump.
my brain was screaming at me how unnatural this was. every survival instinct was firing, telling me to back away from the ledge, don’t let myself  be put in danger. i wondered how the suicidal actually have no problem throwing themselves off of buildings and bridges. or the 9/11 people who jumped from the towers. how bad must it have been up there for the better option to have been to jump. at least i was tethered to something!
but i didn’t come here to go out like a chump. if you’re in whistler, you gotta take advantage of these opportunities. so the wastoids were like, “ok let’s do this again!”
and they counted me down again from 5.
wastoid directly behind me gave me an encouraging nudge.
and i very UNgracefully jumped
look at me flail!
doing the splits mid air
this jump couldn’t have been more than 3-4 seconds, but it felt like 30
then the bungee went taut…
…and i bounced up
and swung around the other side of the bridge
the view was incredible.
and so is life.
they hoisted down a cord which i hooked onto my harness and they hoisted me back up
me afterwards, having to sit down cuz my legs didn’t work.
i needed a wee and an new pair of panties
and then i cried my eyes out
this dude bungeed from his ankles!! and he got dunked in the water up to his shoulders! total badass!
afterwards, in lululemon, trying on some yoga pants, i had to have a sit down in the changeroom for a few minutes.
after such a day, i needed a breather from the adrenaline.
and to contemplate things.
i live a charmed life.

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