"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>Whistler Day 4


day 4 was a particularly quiet day, mostly because i knew i needed to rest up my body after the previous day’s adrenaline, and also for the following days ass-kicking of downhill mountain biking. so i took the leisure peak-2-peak gondola ride that spans between the whistler and blackcomb mountains. my ticket was free because i had enough air miles points (thank you again airmiles!), normally it’s $44 smackers
it was snowing at the top
time for some high-brow photo-fuckery
thumbs up like a chump
the lean-back-and-enjoy-the-distant-trees-down-below-armpit pose
i think i’m pulling a rather cartoonish face here. somewhat reminiscent of garfield in his 18th comic book where he was the “banana man” if you remember that book….
somewhere becoming rain
hahahhahahahha this is bloody june, innit?
glass floor. standing on this would freak most people out but i worked at the CN Tower in the summer of 2001 right before 9/11, so nothing freaks me out anymore.
this is where we all take deep breaths and sigh at the inane beauty. redonkulous vistas. freakishly purty.
i could cycle up that, but i don’t wanna
oh and by the way, this is the view from the kitchen/dining area of my whistler hostel
it looks like a fricken screensaver
so i got a phone call yesterday from a theatre company in toronto whom i had sent one of my plays to quite a while ago. they offered me a place in next season’s series, where i’ll get to work with a dramaturg and a director on polishing my play (they said i could choose either one or both, but i want both!) and it will culminate in some kind of reading/performance/workshop thingie, i’m not quite sure because when i spoke to them, i was in the main square in whistler village and a street party had erupted and i could barely hear over the sound of the sweeeeet sweeet reggae tunes. but ev’ry ting gwan be airie.
yesterday, my last official day in whistler, was a doozy. photojaculation to come later, hombres.

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