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Vancouver Day 5 & 6

Vancouver Day 5 essentially consisted of me waking up super early, checking out of my Whistler hostel, taking the city bus down into Whistler Village where I had a creepy bus driver who said “looks like it’s just you and me on this bus!” and then when he learned that i was leaving Whistler, he said, “oh no, i’m gonna hafta kidnap you just to get you to stay.”
boarded the greyhound bus back to van.city, sleeping the whole way, getting a free ride on the vancouver city bus because the driver fancied me, checking into my hostel, laundry, groceries, blogging, internet fuckery, sleeeeeeping (I know you don’t like blow-by-blow shoppings lists of what i did with my day but must explain away why there’s no photos from that day somehow, yes?)
anyway, the next day, i decided to take a daytrip to Nanaimo, knowing next to nothing about it, except that there’s this place there called Westwood Lake Park where there are some spectacular hiking trails with views of the city. So I hopped on the bus back to Horseshoe Bay (the scene of my sea-safari back on Vancouver Day 2) and took the ferry over to the Naaaaan.
where there’s westcoasters, there’s always a hippie with a guitar not far behind
i think my new lululemon’s look rather well on my swollen mountain-biking-raped legs
the city of nanaimo. behold it in all it’s inferiority.
i had no idea what a slice of pure canadiana Nanaimo is. it’s all pick-up trucks and auto-part shops and fisheries and quaint little mom-and-pop B&Bs that make me want to shove my finger down my throat. i know city folk shouldn’t trivialize the country folk, but i saw enough pancake-eating, maple-syrup-covered-faces, scrambled-egg-peppered-laps to suffice for quite some time to come
and here’s westwood lake. i’m on a trail overlooking it. after alighting the ferry, it took me 2 buses and 1 hour to get there, meaning i really needed a wee really badly. luckily, there were plenty of facili-trees.
i was half expecting bilbo baggins to hop out from behind a tree.
random poochie would not give me a moments rest!
looks like a screensaver
me on the trail
one more time for the cheap seats in the back….my mountain biking welt. looooook at the pretty colours.

i can’t believe this trip is coming to an end already. i’ve done soooo much in just 2 short weeks that it feels much longer than that. arriving here 2 weeks ago feels like a month ago! i still have a few more days left in this city, and the rain may force me not to enjoy them as i’d like to. but thinking of the sea safari, the kayaking, the cycling, meeting up with friends, getting lost in whistler’s bike trails, whitewater rafting, zip lining, bungee jumping, mountain biking, and ferrying it over to vancouver island, i think this has probably been the most active trip i’ve done to date.

never stop exploring, or taking those adrenaline-filled leaps into the unknown!


One response

  1. Kathy

    It isn't a big city girl meets small town. Nanaimo sucks. A friend of mine used to live there (she got out) and has a sticker that says: Nanaimo: a mall in search of a city.

    June 21, 2010 at 4:54 AM

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