"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

i used to write, i used to write letters i used to sign my name, i used to sleep at night before the flashing lights settled deep in my brain

check out my latest TIFF film review of The King’s Speech, starring wet-shirt-Darcy, aka Colin Firth, and unfortunate-schnozz-Aussie, aka Geoffrey Rush. some people have said i look like Helena Bonham Carter, who is also in this film, therefore she is the hottest Tim Burton wife ever.

also check out my TIFF film review of Julian Schnabel’s Miral, starring Freido Not-A-Palestinian Pinto. this was a terrible, shit-eating film. i’ve seen better acting in Tough-Actin-Tinactin.

and the CBC TIFF crew, which includes yours truly, posted a response to a recent NYTimes article, listing Toronto’s top style spots. None of us had ever been to any of those locales, so we fashioned our own list. Check out my choices, amongst the rest of the CBC TIFF team.

*   *   *   
recently i blogged about receiving an exclusive invite to a TIFF event sponsored by Diet Coke. well the par-tay was a couple nights ago. all the top bloggers, tweeters, and social media gurus in Toronto (including moi, fank you very much) were invited first to Hank’s, a wine bar on Church, where they laid out the red carpet for us. the industry schmooze was such fun, i caught up with michael nus, sean ward, Searing Y (haha), hawley dunbar, casie stewart, erin bury, brock mclaughin, andrew stewart, mr banning, jon crowley, photojunkie, lauren onizzle, jason howlett, and so many more..
after the schmooze they escorted us via MASSIVE HONKIN ESCALADE LIMO THINGIE to the elgin theatre for the gala TIFF screening and Q&A of Route Irish
they set up a free hair and make-up station, mr nus gets his curls flattened
searing y does it while twit-pic-ing.
free delectable nibbles passed around by diet coke hotties
what i didn’t understand was – it’s hosted by DIET coke, but all the food was this is why you’re fat-worthy! where’s the diet, hmmm?
vegan cupcakes, but i’d rather eat her HAW HAW HAW!
diet cokes everywhere, a scotch on the rocks for nus, and a cuppy-cake with my initial on it:)
turn your head and coif, nus.
makeup time for searing y
wait wait wait, lemme get in there
diet coke hottie passing around the popcorn, what’s with everyone employed by Diet Coke being so nummers?
i was having a bury good time.
bury, your bf is smokin’. i plan on usurping you. you’ve been duly warned.
mr sean ward, mid convo.
they set up this cool photo booth and gave us all props
the photo results of moi and searing y hamming it up
grilled veggies platter zomg
put the vlogginmobile down mr ward and socialize!
dammit nus!
you can leave your hat on
how much do i love madame stewart right now. cotton candy red lipstick furry vest ftw. 
rannie joins in on the high-brow-photo-posing-fuckery
when will Rabbit Ears go out of style?
they both enjoy phallic objects and the behaviour therein
swag bag full of girlie stuff the guys prolly couldn’t use NYA NYA.
the huge-ass limo that that escorted us to the elgin theatre. this is the front….
the is the rear…couldn’t fit the whole thing in the frame. thing was bigger than my flat in London
how is brock only 20 years old? casie, searing y, and i are fighting over who gets to sexually assault him first.
he looks scared.
as he should be.
limo inside…one end.
…the middle….
and the front!! everyone squeeze in now!
it looks like a scene from Tron.
that gurl is so dangerous, that gurl is a bad gurl
limo dancing
tiff chief piers handling introduces Route Irish director Ken Loach and the screenwriter whose name i can’t be bothered to search on Imdb for
live-tweeting the event
sean’s prolly getting a hand job at this moment….just sayin. ur date was a hottie.
nus had a bitch on each arm
i pull the scarborough-gangsta-testicle-face pose while nus looks embarrassed.
jason! get off ur phone and watch the movie about scouser-contractors in iraq killing people and stuff!
the swag bag empties onto the floor well past midnight
such a great event! thank yous to Diet Coke and Rockit Promotions for inviting me to such a fun, boisterous, exclusive, feeling-smug-for-myself party!
this has been such a great TIFF for me, i’m so glad i decided to throw myself full-throttle-head-smashed-in-buffalo-jump into it this year, and really experience all i could.
*   *   *   

this here is my lovely bike, yet-to-be-named. i’m trying to think up appropriate bike names like Gertrude, or Bessy, or Edna, or Velma, or Mathilde, or Beulah, or Doris… i’ve asked for suggestions on FB and so far people have suggested Helen of Troy, Delilah, Guillermo, Consuela, Mercedes, and Aunt Agnes…lil’ help? what should i name my fire-engine-red 18-speeder?

4 responses

    Love your blog.

    September 18, 2010 at 10:01 PM

  2. Our limo ride was more fun than your limo ride!!!! 🙂

    September 20, 2010 at 4:42 AM

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