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if you love me let me go back to that bar in tokyo

check out another one of my TIFF film reviews (better late than never) of Brighton Rock, with helen mirren and john hurt who phone in their performances. hopefully the remainder of my tiff reviews will be posted soon.

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any opportunity to write on reg’s boobs…..

monday night is the night of my play The Spadina Monologues, and i hope to see all you lovely people there. here’s the official invite in case you missed it. also check out this lovely write-up about me by the peeps over at Diaspora Dialogues. they published me in their first literary anthology 5 years ago, and have been super supportive of my creative endeavours ever since. fanks for the help, mates!
also yesterday my director richard and i were interviewed on satellite radio station ThatChannel.com during the Liquid Lunch program about the play. we had such a great time and had a very fun convo with hugh reilly. if you missed it, and chances are you did, it should soon be available to see (they recorded video of it) soon in their archives, i’ll keep you in the loop for that.
we had a rehearsal today with the actors, which went really well, they are really engaged with the content and excited about the play, but i almost vomitted several times. i am so nervous, even though this play has been staged twice before, i guess i’m loaded with more adrenaline this time because i’m really proud of the  new draft and i just don’t want to disappoint or bore anyone. this play isn’t my baby but i sure as shit am treating it that way.
*   *   *   
speaking of plays, i was an invited guest to the gala opening night of CanStage‘s new production Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter. and let me tell you, the play was total Krapp. 
i’m so witty and clever.
in actuality, the play was really ingeniously staged, funny, insightful, but paramount to all this, it was blessed with BRILLIANT performances, specifically from ryan hollyman, whom i met years ago when i worked at passe muraille and he was doing a show there, and we became buds. ryan has always been a brilliant actor in my humble opinion, but i’ve never seen him perform so flawlessly and balls-out-bravely as he does in Fernando Krapp. he physicalizes the character of The Count with a lovertine-passion but also an absurdist fear for love as well, which works wonderfully together when looking at the complexities of the character. i thought he was spot on all through the performance, never missing a beat, and easily stealing each scene he was in. i found myself anxiously anticipating the next time he’d walk downstage. other highlights of the play include the entrance of a bearskin rug that will never be matched (ya gotta be there) and the use of a wet hanky on someone’s face. that’s not to say the play doesn’t have it’s flaws, because of course it does (people were laughing at the use of roses in the final scene, as opposed to being moved by it…never a good sign….just sayin’) but nonetheless if you’re in toronto at the moment, you’d be unforgiven for missing this play. 
*   *   *   
i’ve had a very interesting two weeks. one for the record books. men and movies and secrets and lies and theatre and fights and trying to wrap my head around life.
i spent an evening with a male model based out of nyc recently. dinner, drinks, and dividends. he’s probably the most beautiful man i’ve ever spent time with, and easily the wealthiest. but for all his pros, i couldn’t help but think that the vacuousness of the model/fashion/jetsetter lifestyle would sadden me. he’s quite a happy person and loves life, so i don’t speak for him. but the constant travel, the cocaine, the porn sex, the obsession with physical and visual perfection. none of this seems to bother him. he’s stronger than me, i guess.
he may be rich in funds, but i’m rich in character.
i’ll be the freaked-out lass by the bar downing shot after shot

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