"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

and all the houses they built in the 70s finally fall, meant nothing at all

and here i was thinking i was just room-temperature…  

“Dear Christine, You are amazeballs! I found your blog through a BOY who shall remain nameless for now in order to protect his identity. Obviously things didn’t go so well with him, but I stumbled across the awesomeness that is you…..

…..Just keep being fabulous. We need more women like you in the universe….”
fanks pumpkin. i get a lot of emails and messages from you guys, but it’s always great to hear from another gal just trying to make it in a man’s world. sistahs gotta stick together.
at Evoke getting my annual-trim on.
quintessential “before” shot

 ryan’s got da magic fingers midas touch. we reminisced about our lives back in England and scoffed at over-hyped american football superbowl bollocks.
 “after” shot in bad lighting
tousled bed-head look take 2

ewww, arab-look! show some teeth, estima, jebus.
anyway, you guys should get your hair-did at Evoke, they do good work, they treat ya well, and their stylists are debonnaire flirts.

last night on skype you made me laugh
i’ve been to so many press screenings lately, and even more to come. i saw The Eagle starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. first off, anything starring jamie bell is aces in my books (billy elliot grew up to be Lord Sexworthy McSmashington), but it also takes place at Hadrian’s Wall, which as many of you know, i hiked across back in 2008 (it took me 4 days, read my account with amazerbeam photos here!). 
the film itself is a dramatic buddy-flick with a total absence of women which, oddly, as a feminist, i enjoyed. why? because usually in historical epics as such this, there is only one woman in it and she’s used as a tacky clichéd device to show the male protagonists virility, rather than have her be her own woman. better to not sully a good historical side-kick story with a phoned-in romantic subplot.
watch the trailer here:
i also, unfortunately, attended Just Go With It. speaking of being a feminist, this film is OFFENSIVE TO ALL WOMEN, besides this being the most un-funny comedy of the year. here, the women are seen as either pure objects and trophy prizes to be won who are so stupidly naive that they’re the subject of ridicule, OR they’re pawns in a man’s manipulative game of emotional chess. the women are not given lives/concerns/thoughts beyond the importance of the men they know, and when the female characters talk to each other…you guessed it….they’re talking about men. SO FUCKING STUPID. the only good bit was Nicole Kidman, who i’m assuming is taking cues from her ex husband by doing comedies to increase her star appeal beyond Oscar snobs.
watch the trailer here:

 halo behind my head is so distracting

a ball of light in my hands

i’ve been invited to a super exclusive screening for new Canadian film A Wake tonight. it stars people i know, which is always a bit of a mind-fuck, but i love supporting the toronto theatre community in all their filmic endeavours. i won’t tell you how i feel about the film because i’m reviewing it for the magazine, so just watch the trailer here:

speaking of theatre, i’ve been invited to see the play St Carmen of the Main, a michel tremblay translation, at CanStage (fanks Ashley!) over the weekend, and next week i’m seeing the play Highway 63, co-created by my bestest friend ever Layne Coleman! it’s running at my old haunt Theatre Passe Muraille (fanks Amanda!), love returning to my hoooooooooood.

as if i haven’t pestered you enough already on this blogtopia – get thee to a playhouse! go see theatre! it’ll change your life! your regional theatres are producing exciting, cathartic, reflexive, and dynamic works about YOU! it’s like seeing your autobiography on stage without writing it! win-win situation.

and speaking of theatre people in film (again), a couple years ago i saw the play Scorched at Tarragon Theatre, written by fellow lebanese-quebecois wajdi mouawad, and last year it was made into a movie called Incendies which premiered last year at TIFF.  since i was covering so much during TIFF, i didn’t get to see it, but i’ve just been given run-of-engagement passes to see it any time i like!


youu’rrrrrrrrrrre jeaaaaaaaalous

 it’s been nominated for an Oscar, ya know, which is gonna be a tough race ‘cuz Biutiful is also up for the same foreign-language Oscar. both are staggering examples of heart-breaking genius….so i’m kinda torn! go canada? or go inarritu?

watch the Incendies trailer here:

i received a phone call today . . . something exciting is soon to be announced in terms of my writing career . . . it’s not life-altering-lottery-winning-high-rollers-club, but it is definitely an honour, and dove-tails off of previous achievements i’ve made. i’m really excited about it and humbled as well. it seems things are slowly falling into place. i’m not allowed to say anything about it right now until the press release goes out next week . . . but when i’m allowed to say something, you’ll be the first to know.

trust me, it’s goooooooooooooood.

i’m being an asshat with all the bragging.

lashing of apologies all around.
(not really)

a pitched an article to a quebec newspaper the other night.

the next day, the editor got back to me with:
Hi Christine,
Thanks for your pitch. I will pass on this particular one, but am always open to ones that have a more local (i.e. Montreal) focus. I enjoyed your writing samples, BTW.

so i replied:
thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for the compliment!
Will keep the Montreal-focus in mind:)

and then surprisingly, he wrote back (they usually never respond after a rejection):
Is 18 hours really “quickly” these days? God, people are right: editors ARE assholes …

so i raised and eyebrow and wrote back:
I feel like this is a trick question.
So I will just smile with a bit of teeth.

and he goes:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. dude. friend me. you eat awesomesauce for breakfast.

what if all the clocks are wrong (especially the handsome art-deco ones)?


that’s Figgy the fish, but whilst he was under my care, i re-named him Sid Fishous. i think he appreciated the bad-ass-ness more…and dude really liked to play with my emotions. i’d wake up in the morning and he’d be floating at the waters surface, freaking me ouuuttttttt. so i’d wiggle that little water-tree in there, and he’d finally move his fat ass.


oh sid fishous, i can’t stay made at you.

gimme some gill.

yes, my FB is set to french. as is my Twitter, my phone, my emails….everything. 
how else is a sistah gonna practice?

Gif Created on Make A Gif
that’s it for today, i’m on a deadline with several of my freelance writing gigs, editors are getting strict . . . 
and homie don’t play.
til  my next blogasm ciao hombres

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  1. Evoke IS Amazing! I've got an appointment end of Feb for some sprucing of the Leo's mane! Or is it main? Hummmm… Can't wait to hear the exciting news! (when you're allowed to dish it of course!). Enjoy the play tonight! Looooooove! Vee

    February 12, 2011 at 3:38 PM

  2. Sean Ward

    Va Va Voom! But you knew that already…. 🙂

    February 14, 2011 at 1:03 AM

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