"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

>i’m the Divorce Whisperer


watch this short video introduction to my writing career at education at York U. this was filmed back in january at the Writing and Publishing panel discussion where i was a panelist. how cute am i?

Christine Estima
also, the entire panel discussion was filmed! you can watch it in two formats, either MP4 (which is working for me) or in WMV (which isn’t working for me, even though it says it’s buffering and ready, dammit).  If you’re interested in learning some secrets that I, and the panel, dished out on getting into Writing or Publishing, watch it. I shoot my mouth off a lot in it and crack silly jokes (at the very end I quote an inappropriate George Carlin joke, see how that went down in academia), but the information I’m giving out is invaluable. I’m tellin ya. I’m kind of a big deal. I wanna be on you. #stayclassysandiego

if you don’t want to watch the entire thing, the York website breaks down each topic we spoke about into neat little clips as well, so you can watch only what you wanna know about and what applies to you.

Did i mention that I’m going to new york city in a couple weeks? yuppers, pretty sure i did, but this old lass has been bedridden with the cold with no name that keeps me live-tweeting my snot-quotas and passing out for several hours of the livelong day. so forgive me if i’m repeating myself.
i’m planning out the NYC details, gonna be there for about two weeks, working on my novel. longest i’ve stayed in the big apple, first time there was 10 days, second time was a weekend, third time was a long weekend….seems i tend to go once a year now. i used to go to Paris once a year. that sounds like bragging, and it kinda is.

i’ve scored myself a ticket to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well, but i’m not gonna spend my time there going to shows. i’m there to explore the visual arts scene as research for my novel, so any suggestions off the beaten path would be greatly appreciated! i’ve already been scouring gothamist and time out, need some underground road-less-traveled suggestions…

appropriate that i just saw the adjustment bureau which portrays a highly-stylized old-timey kind of new york where all the men wear hats and the arts scene is vibrant and everyone wears flashy colours on bistro patios with cobblestones and discusses philosophy.

as i was leaving the cinema for the adjustment bureau, a highly romantic film despite all of its speculative fiction proclivities, i got a notice on my blackberry that someone had commented on an FB photo that i had once commented on…..months and months ago. it was one of his photos. and then he commented on it, knowing full well i’d see it, even though we’re no longer on each other’s FB.
and then i got all upset.
fuck you, you fucking fuck. stop messing with my head. 
i’m like the Divorce Whisperer.
i’ve always said this,  men easily fall for me. but they also easily get over it. when they don’t have me, i’m like the bee’s knees, i’m their bread and butter and they’re starving type thing. then once they get a kiss or they realize i’m starting to reciprocate, you wouldn’t believe how quickly they disappear. they’re all “well, she’s mine now. my work here is done” and they move on. i’d hate to think what category i’d rank in for Snog Marry Avoid. i’m pretty sure the categories would change to Shag Marry Kill in my presence. in the past few months, i’ve kissed a couple blokes and then never heard from them again. i like to pretend they died. luckily though, i’m reminded of my early february proclamation that i’m SO OVER MEN. not interested in having a boyfriend if all i get after a kiss is radio-silence.
have you seen this photo project called Back To The Future, this argentinian photographer is doing such interesting work with what looks like a hipstamatic app and i’m jealous cuz i LOVE LOVE LOVE those 70s aesthetic cameras and threw all of my old ones out in the mid-90s. who develops film anymore anyway? does kodak even make the rolls anymore? whatever, take a look at this photo project….i wanna be IN this project.
last week i went to the press screening for the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre, it opens later this week. i can’t talk much about it because of the critic moratorium, and  my review will go live on the magazine’s website anyway….but i will say that i went to go see it primarily because i have dreams about Michael Fassbender and Jamie Bell, usually separately, but now they’re my threesome in a cinematic nocturnal emission. yes i have raging hormones. no that doesn’t affect my movie-critic-objectivity….much.
watch the trailer here:
the good gents behind CanLit, a party i went to a few weeks ago, decided to update their tumblr with a conversation i had with Chelsea on the CanLit dancefloor.
i am such a dreamboat.

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