"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

i’m moving to new york cause i got problems with my sleep

yes i CAN wiggle my ears! suck it, haterrrrzzzz!

more of my articles have gone live up on BlissTree. I’ve been writing my fingers off, and it’s kinda great to feel carpal tunnel whilst simultaneously delivering so much content on a daily basis, gets me motivated to do so much more writing. i have so many ideas! i’m oh so hire-able! this article I wrote called Eat Pray Burn was a lot of fun actually, it’s about how wealthy white women are more prone to melanoma, according to a new study!

this article was also rather fun because i was scoffing at all these news studies that essentially tell people good news about their bad habits. in Scare Tactics i poke fun at an article that says old people will die if they try to workout or have sex!

this article i wrote on Potassium Iodide is more of a news-y article, documenting the recent radiation scare from Japan and how Canadians are buying up all the Potassium Iodide pills from the shops out west

i also wrote a really cool essay about last week when i was sick and a Drug-Free Experiment i did….basically, instead of relying on over-the-counter cold meds to get through the cold, i took nothing but natural supplements, and had some interesting results. read on, pilgrims.

 i leave for New York Cittttt-Aaaaay on sunday, i’ll be staying at the Coward Johnson’s (aka friend’s couches) and i’m so superfunhappyballs about it that i’m bursting with fruit flavour (taste the flavour).  i’ve done almost next to no planning for it either. all i know is i have a ticket to see The Daily Show with Jon Stewart one day, a few off-off-off-broadway shows i kinda wanna see another day, and some graffiti-artist-street-art-areas i deffo wanna scope out for a scoop…

….other than that, i am at liberty.

 i am going to write and wander and be a flanneur and be the most anonymous ghost in the city where everyone walks and everyone talks.
astoria, brooklyn, and williamsburg, you are about to get the Estima-Bump.
or as nus likes to call it, “Incestima’d.”

that being said, i dunno if i’ll have the time to blog before i leave.
so this friday, i want you all to show up at 7pm at the Tarragon Theatre to see me in a musical! it’s part of the paprika festival, it’s called Alligator Tears, and i play the town gossip (how apropos). I sing A LOT with a few solos (kill me now), and tickets are only $10.

 all the info you’ll need is here 

 photo by rob kempson, during rehearsal for Alligator Tears, you can see my un-make-up’d mug in the background
also, i’m not gonna talk too much about this because i don’t want to jinx it, but last week i was telling a friend about a big audition i heard about that’s happening this saturday in toronto. now i’m not an actor by trade (although all evidence to contrary, lately), but i do enjoy being in a play or musical every now and then. i do about one a year (and believe me, that’s plenty). anyway, it struck me as i was trying to encourage my friend to go the audition (he refused), that i should be saying this to myself.  i thought, “why don’t i go? i’ve got stuff prepared… might as well give it a go. will brush up on my audition-skills. have a giggle.”
considering this big audition is probably gonna cause huge line-ups and half of toronto’s hopefuls will be there, i am under no delusions that i have shot in hell, especially since i’m leaving for NEW YORK CITTTT-AAAYYY the next day, but hey, even gretzsky said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” so yes,  i’ll be there early in the morning, freezing my vocal chords in the unseasonable march-sadness weather, but imma be there nonetheless.
wish me luck! (don’t say macbeth)


your heroine went to three amazing press screenings last week for upcoming films. these are serious givin’r movies, mark my words. i was really impressed, because lately the only things i’ve been invited to are bullshit hollywood wank-fests.

the first was west is west, which is the long-awaited sequel to brit classic east is east.

then there was the LUMINOUS certified copy, which earned juliette binoche (love her) a best actress award at Cannes

finally it was family-friendly heartwarming drama win win starring montreal-hard-on-boy paul giamatti

you will have a hard time finding flaws with these three vastly differing but immensely rich films. go see them when they open. YOU’RE WELCOME.
also, another thing imma remain tight-lipped about (but am very optimistic about my chances) is an opportunity that has just arisen for me to stay in the south of france this upcoming fall at a chateau and blog for them with some funding. if i can organize inexpensive enough travel there (and secure the grant-attached writing gig i’m applying for in conjunction with this opportunity), this could really be something.
wish me luck! (don’t say tartuffe)
et c’est parti. 
on y va à new york 
à la prochaine, toronto!

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  1. win-win takes place in my old high school. Weird to see that.

    March 27, 2011 at 9:46 AM

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