"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

wilderness on the rail path

i love jogging along the rail path because the air is fresh and the art is free. i get a lot of people visiting this blog who hate street art because of what they THINK it stands for, but i betcha they’d be hardpressed to find hatred for this.
someone wheatpasted beautiful images of wild animals all over the rail path, and they’re arrestingly beautiful and ardently lovely.

since i was jogging, i didn’t do my usual investigative probing to find out who did these animals, i didn’t want my heart rate to drop. so i don’t know which artist is behind these, sorry guys.
a deer.
a female deer.

(see what i did there?)

i’ve blogged before about how much i love to run and jog, but i just can’t get enough of it lately. it’s not even really about physical fitness or the desire to stay in shape anymore. it just makes me feel alive, like if my mercury is rising then i’m somehow closer to zen.

like if i’m jogging in the sunshine through the city, then i’m taking full advantage of my life and not wasting my youth.

i guess . . . maybe . . .  it’s my ritual to celebrate being alive, i suppose.

on this particular jog, i ran for 75 minutes and 7 kilometres. i only stopped because i needed water.


I mean, look at how lovely this is. And the fact that it’s democratic and free for everyone to enjoy makes it worth that much more to me. Also, i think just FINDING this stuff adds to its value, because it’s like you stumbled upon an urban secret only a few people will ever have the privilege to know. You’re in on the joke. High fives for us.

sorry for the crappy Blackberry pics, i couldn’t get good angles A) because i was jogging in place and B) there was a huge tractor trailer parked that was blocking all the good photo angles. I’ll go back with a camera at some point. Get to the rail path, hombres!

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