"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Suitman by Joel Richardson at Oz Studios

i’ve blogged a lot about Joel Richardson in the past (check out my Joel Richardson category), so i’ve photograffiti’d his stencils and murals before. this above stencil i’ve photographed before several times on the rail path.

i was sent these new photos of joel’s work (fanks kelli!) but they’re not on the rail path. they’re not downtown.

they’re not in toronto.

heck, they’re not even in canada.

his stencil’s have popped up in GERMANY, bitches. sprechen sie graffiti?!! these photos are from the streets of Berlin.

it may not be readily apparent that this is berlin, but there are clues. that other stencil to the left depicts the Euro, and there’s a reference to nazis above him.

recently on the 8th, richardson had an opening reception for his exhibit Suitman over at the Oz Studios (134 Ossington).

i haven’t been to the exhibit yet, but i’m going on wednesday. if you’d like to check out Richardson’s provocative work, and would like more details on the exhibit, watch the below video and trailer for his exhibit.


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