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WTF Christine was there?

Last week I attended the YYZ Living Magazine party where they launched their Winter issue. My travel writing article on Machu Picchu appears in the issue, and they also published my accompanying photographs, so I was excited to celebrate the achievement! I blogged previously when the issue hit the shelves, so if you’d like to read my article and gawk at my photos, click here.

Holding it open to my piece (pg 24 hint hint)

Anyway, because it’s a luxury magazine well known for its interest in fashion, the party was held at the posh new Bloke & 4th on King Street West and the attendee list was peppered heavily with glitterati. I’m more of  Chuck Taylors & hoodie kind of gal, so I felt a bit out of my depth, but I tried to dress the part. There were so many fashion photographers floating about, so my mug and threads were photographed several times. It was a bit overwhelming. People kept shoving a lens in my face, saying “You look fierce girl! Where’d you get that fascinator? OMG, to die for.”

The top two photographs are by Devic.

This photo is by Jayne Peres.

This photo is by Spiro Mandylor whom I’ve known for a while because we run in the same social media circles, but we’ve never actually met face to face until this night. He put his likeness in the bottom right corner there. You can see next to me I have my two copies of the issue. I purposefully took two so that I have backup copies for my files and writing portfolio.

Writers, here’s one tip from this pro to you, which I think should be self-evident, but you never know: always keep multiple copies of your published work for your files. Things get damaged, things disappear, things age poorly and crumble. And try to scan them all & post online, so you always have a virtual copy handy. Case in point: my online writing portfolio.

When I say I’m a pro, I ain’t kidding.

Anyway, later that evening after the YYZ party, I made my way over to the Mod Club for #HoHoTO, which I attended last year (read my post from that event, scroll down, that was when my blog posts were super long!) and really enjoyed it. Except this year, they sold out tickets before I could get my hands on one. Luckily my friend Kerry came to my rescue, as he had an extra ticket going unused.

Last name Win, first name Epic.

Of course, more photographers bounding about. These next three photos are by Chris Luckhardt.

Kerry had come to my rescue, but he also got rather, shall we say, festive. Look at him photobombing me and Shashena! Makes me snort every time I look at it.

I could say something about this photo, but I think the comments it garnered on Facebook sum it up rather eloquently:


No need for me to say anything.

Happy Holidaze, munchkins!


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  1. I’m your title. Godlike!

    December 21, 2011 at 1:56 PM

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