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Sidewalk Street Art

I always say that if people would just look up at the walls, the roof tops, or the lamp posts as they pass, they would find some brilliant street art. But sometimes, if you just keep your eyes peeled to the ground, you might just find some daily delights as well.


i first found this dude on Spring Street in Soho.

i really like it because sometimes from a distance i’ll see a big splotch on the sidewalk and think it’s street art, but it turns out to be dried gum or a paint spill left behind by city construction. this piece kind of plays off of that, by making art by what looks like gum/paint splotches!

then i found him again in Alphabet City, this time with a name next to it.

Paul Richard. i gots mah eye on yew.

Dalva is an NYC street artist that i have already become well acquainted with because his STICKERS ARE EVERYWHERE.


This “soho rep” stencil was all over St Marks Place, which technically, isn’t in Soho.

i found a wheatpaste by “muffin milk” earlier in the day, and i’m not 100% sure if it’s valid street art, or some marketing campaign.

more of the same.

faded but still reppin’ soho.

this is either an alien or a lightbulb.

does this say “i love pigeons?” or does it say “i have pigears?”

aw, this reminds me of Books from Toronto! but this was probably left years ago by some sidewalk bookseller who is now long gone.

aw shucks.

the arrow pointed to an intersection. if there ever was a place called “E-Z books,” it’s long gone.

Hey New York! Keep making the sidewalks interesting! Please and fanks!

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