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Paul Richard

when i first blogged about NYC sidewalk street art, i found a few Paul Richards and was immediately impressed by them. I had to do a follow-up post because i found so many more examples of his work in manhattan and brooklyn. his sidewalk portraits are everywhere! this above face was on wooster street in soho.

hey, ya notice my Chucks? i bought these Chucks in Williamsburg at the thrift shop on the corner of Bedford & North 7th because one of my favourite graff blogs NewYorkShitty tipped me off to a 50% off sale they were having. so these beautiful turquoise Chucks were…….. wait for it …..


$3 for Chuck Taylors!

Fuck you, The Public Butter on Queen Street West, charging $20 for damaged Chucks!!! So glad you never got my hard-earned money! And you never will! New York City vintage FTW!

< /tangent >

this portrait was on Bedford avenue in Williamsburg, near North 6th.

this was a few feet away from the above example. it looks like two faces existed here once, but one has rubbed away.

this was at Bedford and North 11th in Williamsburg. i stayed on that street last Spring!

okay, so im not 100% sure these are by Paul Richard, the style is somewhat different, and frankly, it reminds me more of the Terry Richardson sidewalk stencils i found in the meat-packing district. but the dude is wearing RAPIST HIPSTER GLASSES so i can’t not include them!

both of them were in Soho.


3 responses

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  3. Jon T

    its @fmthe3rd #fmiii ! franklin marshall the third.

    August 27, 2016 at 11:11 AM

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