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Hit me with your BAST shot

I kept seeing all over Brooklyn (from Greenpoint to Williamsburg to Bushwick) these stencils for different kinds of Butcher/Deli products along with prices. Usually stencils are the first things to catch my eye and tip me off to graff, but these stencils confused me at first, and I didn’t recognize them as graff.

Why? Because in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, both of which I have backpacked across several times, this is actually how some grocers, butchers, deli owners (etc) still advertise their prices. So I figured it was some local deli owner from “the old country” advertising his products. SERIOUSLY.

It was only after closer inspection (aka NOT having to wee whilst graff-hunting…. I always hafta wee!! it makes me rush around, snapping pics without proper inspection and then running), that I recognized that these stencils were by popular NYC street artist BAST! See his name in the above stencil? That shoulda been my first clue.

But then again, this stencil doesn’t have his name at all, so you can understand my confusion.

hahhaha “bast-oni.”

Ha! Cheese jokes are pure velveeta. Quelle Fromage.

whenever someone says “it’s over” to me, i think of this (fast forward to time index 1:45, in Canada you’ll need Hotspot Shield to watch this!)

besides the pork chops and low prices, BAST also has a series of stencils where he lampoons popular Disney/Warner Bros cartoon characters. the above is Dopey from the snow white, methinks.

that’s Porky Pig, methinks….

can’t recall the name of this cartoon (i’ve seen ’em on disney!) but notice how he’s holding a gun?

i love how the statue of liberty is coming out of the top hat.

hahaha, pinocchio looks like he’s been tattoo’d all over his face.

this may or may not be BAST’s but it’s sort of thematically the same, so i thought i’d include it.

it’s too bad i only realized toward the end of my NYClusterfuck that those stencils were BAST’s, i could have photographed so much more!



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