"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."


a couple weekends ago, i went up to cottage country and saw some snuggle-baby-cutie-patootie-bummie-lovie-wuvie-goooooooosies!!

(or, as regular humans call them, “geese”)

canada is infamous for its geese. they’re so (as the french would say) ah-dor-ah-bluh.

they’re also excellent parents. they were very protective of their young and almost charged us because we got too close.


anyway, enough of my crazy animal fetish of sorts. (animals rule)

have a great weekend, munchkins! watch out for geese crossing the road!

(apparently it is illegal to not break for geese if they’re crossing the road, and if you hit them, it’s a federal offence or something. ALWAYS BREAK FOR SNUGGLE BIRDIES! …. ahem…. geese)


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