"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

let’s dance to Joy Division and celebrate the irony

me at 5Pointz in Queens in 2011


soon, i will be in you.

i leave for my home-away-from-home on wednesday, and i’ll be there for TWO WEEKS! since 2007, i have gone to NYC at least once a year, and now it seems i’m going once every six months! I was just there over the winter holidays, and before that, i was there during spring 2011.

horsing around in the empire state building gift shop in 2007

if you check out my New York City category, you will see hundreds of blog posts which feature my photographs of all the amazing street art and graffiti that i found (mostly in bushwick and williamsburg, but a good deal in manhattan too).

Me on the brooklyn bridge in 2007

of course, i plan on doing what i do best whilst in the big apple …. GRAFF HUNTING. but i also have a lot of other things planned as well.

for example, this thursday, i will be in the audience for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (the guests that night are Channing Tatum, Oliver Stone, and musical guest Maroon 5. EXCITING!) so if you’re watching the show on thursday night, that hyena-laugh in the audience is me.

you won’t see me, but you’ll hear me.


me on carrie bradshaw’s stoop in 2007

that being said, blogging here might slow down for a bit. i have a lot of last minute things to take care of before i leave, and once i’m there, i might not find the time to blog until friday or the weekend, so bear with me! i shall return!

clubbing in the meat-packing district in 2010

clubbing in the meat-packing district in 2010

clubbing in the meat-packing district in 2010

prepare yourself for this blog to turn into a new-york-street-art-photojaculation. YOU LOVE IT.


(pass the kleenex)

me in Bushwick this past winter

now here’s hoping i don’t lose my patience when american customs treats me like shit ….

NYClusterfuck AHOY!


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