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JR’s Inside Out Project on The High Line

I have blogged about artist JR’s Inside Out Project in Toronto so much, that surely my regular readers are sick of it. But here in NYC, the project takes on an entirely new dimension.

Using hundreds of carefully organized wheatpastes, JR erected this massive portrait (which is intrinsic to the project) on the side of a building that faces The High Line. if you don’t know, the High Line is an elevated outdoor public garden that is situated on what used to be a freight train track that hadn’t been used for decades. The abandoned track, fallen into disrepair, sat high above the city in ruin until someone figured out the space could be reclaimed for the public. it’s brilliant up there (albeit blistering hot).

the kid looks like he’s sneezing, n’est-ce pas?

so the kid featured here is First Nations. What’s great about the Inside Out Project is that, in developing countries in Africa and Asia, JR has taken photographs of people who have never been able to have their picture taken, and then he blows them up in size, and places them in the subject’s own village. It’s part n’ parcel with the whole By The People For The People mentality of the project.

ain’t i a stinker?

I’ve only been in NYC for three days and I’ve already taken over 300 photos! Bear with me as I try to balance regular blogging with actually going out and experiencing the city! More to come, swearsies!

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