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Talking it up on The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Anny and I outside 30 Rock right before the taping. Go team Canada!

We sat in the second row and had an excellent close-up view of everything. Studio 6B where the show is filmed is a lot smaller than it appears on television, but that’s true of every set I’ve ever been on. I was worried all of the cameras and crew and cue cards would obstruct our view, but they didn’t at all.

Channing Tatum and Oliver Stone seemed nervous, but Adam Levine was probably the most charismatic, funny, and personable. The Maroon 5 performance was decent. He’s definitely into the posturing showmanship of being a cock-thrusting front man. As for Jimmy Fallon himself, he was kind to the audience, and even came up into the stands to hug and high five us (and signed a few autographs).

Yes, I touched Jimmy. Yes, inappropriately. Yes he’ll be calling his lawyer soon. I regret nothing.

I also loved The Roots, I’m a huge Questlove fan, and they know how to set a groove. The whole experience was blithely and boisterous. And it was free! Just like when I did The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last year, these kinds of television experiences really set the tone for your trip. Highly recommended!

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