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Nick Walker loves New York

Nick Walker is giving Banksy a run for his money by selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds of his art at auction. Yet he still  puts up these amazing stencils. I had seen Brooklyn Street Art’s mega-blog-exposé of this piece in early June when it was erected, but I actually found this piece the other day by accident!

I was wandering down Ludlow in the Lower East Side in a listless, dizzy fashion, basically dragging my body down the street. I was so out of it because of the heat and i had to sit down on a few doorsteps and put my head between my  legs. Anyhoo, I reach Delancey and am going as fast as I can across the intersection because it’s in direct sunlight. I get to the other side, and BAM, it’s like forget the heat, this shit is killing me with awesome!

also, i apologize for not being able to get a full-across-the-street-shot of this. as soon as i found it, a stupid huge ass truck pulled up RIGHT IN FRONT of it and blocked half the sidewalk. i had to snap these photos while squeezing up next to the truck which never turned off its engine.

normally, as any good photographer would, i would have stuck around and waited for the truck to leave to get the shot. but the heat nearly fucked me right in the ear.


anyway, Nick Walker, i heart YOU my friend.

2 responses

  1. Your story sounds like mine! I too was wandering about Ludlow a few days ago when I discovered this piece. Loved it! If you haven’t already, you should check out his other one in the meatpacking district.

    July 2, 2012 at 2:12 PM

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